Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goondiwindi Grey

The town of Goondiwindi has been in the news of late, for the wrong reasons. Floods you know. Bad. For those unfamiliar with the pronunciation, like me, it is Gundiwindi.

I have heard of a horse known as the Goondiwindi Grey. I am guessing it is music related and something my step mother liked. Instead of calling her to find out and bothering her when her nearby town of Rochester is also flooded, the internet tells me it is Tex Morton song about the race horse Gunsynd. I have heard of him/her, the horse, but not for years. R is busy watching tv, so I will try to remember to listen to the song on Youtube later.

Now some seem to be saying Carbine is not an Australian horse, and they have plenty of documentation to back up their assertions. along with its head. I am sure it is an Australian horse in spirit. They'd better not be claiming Gunsynd. If I see a comment begin with, Well actually Andrew... I will cry.


  1. Now I am not going to look any of this up. Straight from the gall-bladder, right?

    Carbine was not an Oz horse, but whoever has his head can keep it but they can give back Pharlap's heart. Or have they already done that? I reckon Tex Moreton (to e or not to e) is a Johnny-come-lately. Gundsynd was always known as the Goondiwindi Grey, even during his/her racing days. 'And here she comes, that magnificent specimen, Gunsynd the Goondiwindi Grey'. And Goodiwindi is in .... shhh ... softly ... nsw. We are not bred tough here in the south; we are strained through sheets. We are so soft we just think of ourselves as Australians.

  2. Well actually Andrew ...
    there's even a statue of Gunsynd in Goondiwindi! Sorry for making you cry - I can sense that bitch award getting closer ...

  3. Anonymous1:46 am

    My Nanna had the Vinyl of the tune the Goondiwinid Grey... because she won some cash on the bets :) Tinny she was my Nanna :)
    Cazzie :)

  4. Oh, now I know Julie is a fan of A. Bligh,claiming Goondiwindi as NSW *snort* (just kidding, Julie!).

    Although Gynsynd (Gun= Goondiwindi, Synd= Syndicate)was foaled in NSW.
    And, yes, I cheated, I gurgled it.

  5. Carbine must have raced and won here quite often Julie. I expect you are right about Tex. I am first a Melburnian, then an Australian. Victorian? Nah, I don't identify with that.

    Did you take a snap of Gunsynd's likeness Red?

    Pretty sure bet I think Cazzie.

    Place of birth is your home Jayne.

  6. I remember hearing about Gunsynd - wasn't it in the 70's??? I wouldn't have taken any notice before the 70's

  7. Yep, late 60s early 70s.