Friday, January 14, 2011

Cutesy at the Highrise

Our wombats have received some good kickings. They are on the return area of the balcony. People walk around the corner and admire the sea views but fail to see the wombats at their feet and kick them. Both are missing feet. An ionospheric neighbour who looks down upon our balcony remarked that she thought our pigs were cute. I'll give her pigs.

I think this ladybird beetle came from Sister at christmas. Its head and front legs are on springs and they wobble and bob in a very cute manner in the wind. I am amused by simple things.


  1. cute wompigs/pigbats!

  2. "I am amused by simple things."

    Don't let Sedgwick know that, or you'll never get rid of him.

  3. Brian, I did and I haven't.

  4. Clever Fen.

    I can send you a couple of concrete wombats Dina. Just sent me $100 for postage.