Thursday, January 20, 2011

And then it rained

I had two consecutive weekdays off last week so we decided to spend a night on the Bellarine Peninsula at Sister's house. It just rained and rained and rained some more. Mental images of frolicking on the sand at the beach in the sunshine with Little Jo were abandoned. I am sure it was the same damn bird that woke me the last time we stayed there that woke me again in the morning. The mosquitoes were fat and juicy and no doubt looking forward to some great breeding in all the water lying around.

We decided to go to Barwon Heads for morning tea with Sister. It was drizzling by then. By the time we had eaten our muffins and drank our coffee, it had stopped. We set out for the rocks in the distance and lo, the sun came out and it was quite nice. Not expecting sunshine, none of us were dressed for any water activity. Never mind, it did not stop R and Little Jo rolling up their pants and getting quite wet.

Now this is a bad outcome. Locals and many others wanted the bridge across the Barwon River to Barwon Heads saved. It was a dual lane timber bridge and had a load limit placed on it. A ghastly new pedestrian bridge has been built next to the historic bridge and the historic bridge repaired, but look what they have done. A hideous concrete deck sits on the old timber foundations. There is another route further up river where a new bridge could have been built and the old one remain as it was with minor repairs. I am not sure who is responsible for this site, but I can guess. Reportage more to my liking. The Greens have a go. No surprise that ex Planning Minister Madden was involved.

From inside the cafe looking out. I don't know what the cafe is called.

Part of the cafe was Diver Dan's boatshed in the ABC tv series Seachange.

Looking towards Ocean Grove, a town that is having a huge growth spurt.

And a happy 21st birthday to Owen. Apparently Owen is Jewish. Is it important that this is noted in his birthday greeting? Apprarently Owen is a Satanist. Is it important that this is noted in his birthday greeting?

A cliff top rises along the beach and a caravan park sits atop the cliff. For Mother's seventieth birthday, Sister paid for a weekend cabin for Mother and late Step Father. It was beautiful with great sea views and the sounds of waves lapping the beach. Mother loved it. Gosh, that was six years ago. Rather a lot has happened since then.


  1. Former Planning Minister M belonged on the Pearl Bay council, he fitted in so well with Bob Jelly it would have been funny if the destruction weren't so sad.

    That is a pentagram, Andrew, as well you know *the witches will hold off on turning your nose blue...this once*

  2. A pentagram hey. Ah.

    The bridge business really was a case of life imitating art wasn't it. Kids will never know the pleasure of driving over the bridge with the planks banging away below the tyres.

  3. "Apparently Owen is a Satanist" ???
    *turns Andrew's nose blue...rides off on her broomstick but not before hiding all of Andrew's remote controls for good measure*

  4. nice pics, i'm missing being able to go to the beach, all the hot days are when i'm sleeping :(

  5. No no Jayne. Not the remotes. Anything but the remotes.

    Hot days don't make for nice sleeping Fen. Wait till you can take your puppy to the beach.

  6. It all looks very wet - down your way

  7. We had a drop for sure MC.

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