Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Store Myer

A trip into town. Actually I think I or we have been into town every second day of late. Of course the day I wanted to take photos, I had to use my phone camera having forgotten my camera.

DJ's wreaths upon its building look very nice.

The normally miserly Andrew gave this person a dollar. His hand move slightly to acknowledge thanks.

Good that we took Little Jo to see the christmas window display a couple of weeks ago. The queue was a mile long. That is not fun or pleasure.

Myer Bourke Street is now open to the heavens. Myer Lonsdale Street will close post Boxing Day sales, methinks.

My photo does not catch the beauty of the Art Deco style lifts. They look fantastic. Along with the lift driving handle, so too has the lift driver disappeared.

No, I was not standing on a ledge to take this photo. The new Myer has a window or two. The verandah roof was looking a bit messy, but isn't the whole building going to be demolished? I was looking across Little Bourke Street to the Lonsdale Street store, mostly now vacant. Note where the pedestrian bridges linking the two buildings have been removed.


  1. "His hand moved slightly to acknowledge thanks."

    If that had been Fleetwood it would only have been his middle digit.

  2. Hey NAdrew - great pics. Just wanted to stop in say, sorry, I'm miles behind in my reading, but also thank you for your support of me as a new blogger. Wishing you and yours a fabulous festive season and may 2011 bring you all good things.

  3. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Wow, the Meyer family must be doing well to afford these renovations! Must check them out next time I'm home. V.

  4. If he was in Fleetwood Brian, his finger would be frozen and would not move.

    Best wishes to you Cheryl. Life does get in the way of blogging at times.

    V, they have sold off the whole Lonsdale Street store, so I guess that is what is paying for the renos. Beside, I think Myer is doing ok trading. The newly renovated parts really work well.

  5. Bobby Sciacchitano7:31 pm

    The new Burke Street store is fantastic. I do have a few complaints:

    1. The place is really noisy. Compared to their other properties and DJ's next door, I find the noise is a distraction.

    2. Overall quality of the fitout is to be desired. Lots of scuffs and marks on walls and display units, cracked tiles and damaged furniture. The place could have done with a deep clean of everything before they moved in.

    3. Lack of staff on most floors. This is a two fold issue since Myer is moving towards concessional stands meaning brands bring in their own sale staff which is developing a culture of "not my area".

    The Lonsdale St store is being converted into offices and concept / upscale stores. The bridge between Myer and the Lonsdale St store will be replaced once the redevelopment is completed.

  6. Bobby, I didn't notice the noise but it was christmas and so noise levels would be expected to be high.
    2/ I didn't notice, but that is bad.
    3/ Lack of staff is an old age story for Myer. I have noticed the non staff people.

    So Lonsdale Street will not be/or is Myer owned?


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