Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where is Jussy?

Where is Planning Minister Justin Madden?

Premier: Sorry, Jus, you are a liability. Just stick to your own area and please do and say nothing about Planning. You know post election, if we make it, I'll have to give you something else. Would you like to go back to Sport? Of course it is not a demotion, just somewhere where.....

Exit Madden.

Premier: Secretary, what are the polls telling us about people's views on the performance of Public Transport or Community Services? We need a Minister for Northern Ireland position for a certain person.

Premier scratches the initials JM next to both on his portfolio list.

You see Justin, there are good reasons why notable historical buildings and streetscapes should be kept intact. People don't have to be housed in very tall or overwhelming buildings to increase our urban population density. We can reuse old buildings for new purposes. And let's face it Jus, buildings are going up in established neighbourhoods that local residents hate, which wouldn't be so bad if you were successfully containing urban sprawl, but you have struck out on both counts. Let me show you just a couple I recently came across.

The State Library, the Queen Victoria Hospital with a changed usage and a modern office building with shopping centre that while new, pays some respect to the old around it. Across the road, the purpose built modern Melbourne Central is horrible and I avoid it but the QV redevelopment works for me and given how busy it gets, for others too.

See here? Nice work in bringing this old building into the twenty first century.

A single storey building in the city? Crazy economics. But Justin, it is not all about money and economics you know.

I am not going to say this mish mash of buildings is particularly nice but the buildings are warm and friendly, comfortable, like a pair of well worn in shoes.

Have I been unfair in my harsh criticism of your performance Justin? No Justin, because you know as well as I do, it is all about PER CEP TION.

Later Edit: I truly did not know. I just came across this at Walking Melbourne. The more ornate building is the Leitrim Hotel. It is for the chop. I took a photo of the building next door for the old signs project, Our Fading Past, and noticed the hotel name in the photo later and so I went back to get a proper photo of the hotel. Quite a co-incidence but obviously not one I am happy about.


  1. "Where is Planning Minister Justin Madden?"

    ... about to lose 4 votes from this family on Saturday.

    It will be instructive to compare the votes he gets to the votes for the retiring member, Judy Maddigan who was your classic good hands on local member.

  2. Ah yeah, I remember her. I only realised when writing the post that he is an upper house member.


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