Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visiting Daiso Pt 2

Just some of the products on the shelves of Daiso that amused or interested me.

If you are thinking, to put it crudely, I am taking the piss at Japanese people's expense, I will at least confess to taking the piss, as I would anywhere including Australia. If you seriously want to market to Australia, you need to get the language right. But as Daiso only sells trinkets, it matters little and my post is more likely to incite people to visit a Daiso store in Australia.

Yes, they do use covers for the external part of air conditioners in Japan, to keep the snow out I suppose. I wish they would uncover them at times and switch the damn things on, especially when it over 25 degrees and very humid. Note, it has an 'elastic rubber opening for a snug fit'. There'll be at least one of you out there who is thinking of something else. I'm appalled!

Poor kid is looking worried. He is not sure which orifice his mother is going to shove the ear clean stick into.

Black cotton buds for your ears. I quote, 'Both tips with spiral shape' and 'Ear wax can be seen clearly on the tips after using'. If you can see ear wax on your black tip, then you better go for another good deep in burrow then.

I am not sure what I would stick into a unisex fragrance bag.

Many Japanese home have softwood timber floors, so someone's gran has knitted these cute little chair leg socks to protect the floor and keeping the chair legs warm is just a bonus. Sorry, no plain, only patterned is available at this time.

I think these are chocolate bars and they stood nearly a metre tall.

Not for christmas please. I don't want storage pockets that I can use to 'tidy the storeroom' with or to 'collect the clothing and small things'.

But I may be interested in the men's menthol wet sheet containing powder, if you can tell me what it is. I can tell you where I would not be putting anything menthol near.

Why did I think of coppery red hair when I saw these 'wide terry cloth turbans'? Actually, I thought of the same person when I saw the metre long chocolate bars.

I am not that interested in the dot holiday. Don't ask me. But the 'men's oil blotter' could be quite useful. I usually carry a make up compact for the purpose...if that what the blotter is for.

I could think of some uses for the Beautipon, but they are probably not what Beautipon is made for. I wish I had spent an extra $2.80 and bought one so that I could show you what I mean. The Beautipon will remain ever mysterious to me. I am sure I found something similar in my mother's wardrobe after Sister was born.


  1. OMG I want chair leg socks!!

  2. I'm intrigued. What on earth would one use a "beautipon" for? And I'm sure it's not what I'm thinking!!

  3. Looks like all my Christmas shopping will be sorted.

  4. Did you buy the chocolate for me?

    You can stick the rest of it.

  5. Fen, search the net for a knitting pattern for them and make them.

    Er Kath, don't worry about something for me this year.

    Really no idea Rob. Although it does look a bit like something a woman might express milk with.

    Oh Jahteh, you would look lovely in a terry towelling turban.

  6. hahahahah if you think i'm going to KNIT, you got another thing coming Andrew!

  7. C'mon Fen. Your Gran might know how to knit. How proud she would be of you if you could knit a hideous scarf for me as a christmas present.

  8. Knit it very tight Fen.

  9. Anonymous9:42 am

    Isn't the Beautipon for sucking out blackheads and pimples?

  10. They would be the largest pimples and blackheads I have ever seen.

  11. All sorts of ideas crop us as to the use of that beautipon - none of them worth printing

  12. Yeah, best not be imaginative.

  13. ha ha oh I can knit, I just choose not to.


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