Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visiting Daiso Pt 1

Last Saturday we took a visit to the new Daiso store in Victoria Street Richmond, also known in Japan as the 100 Yen shop. Daiso here, with everything priced at AU$2.80 should be known as 227 Yen shop.

The place was packed and things were were snatched off shelves faster than staff could restock. A queue had formed out the door for people to line up to pay. Not a saucepan lid handle to be seen though. Of the staff, I only saw one recognisably Japanese person, in appearance anyway.

The street entrance to Daiso was not finished, so we had to access it from inside the collection of shops. At last there is a supermarket in this part of Victoria Street, a Woolworths.

Right next to the entrance to Daiso was another of those el cheapo shops, Chicken Feed. I have never seen them on the mainland, only in Launceston. I recall the name amused me greatly at the time, not so particularly now.

Oh yes, we bought a couple of bits and pieces at Daiso and none of this recycled bag nonsense. Without asking our goods were shoved into a marvellous plastic bag, of the type strong enough to strangle a whale.

I am sure R bought something sensible. I didn't. I just bought myself a Shinkansen at $2.80 per piece. I am very pleased with my Bullet Train. It is up high on a shelf so Little Jo cannot play with it.


  1. There's a chicken feed just up the road from me. One of my friends thought they sold just that - chicken feed!! Cute. I haven't been in to see what sort of stuff they have.

  2. Just as well you purchased that bullet train, I suppose. Our Governments are unlikely to produce one any decade soon.

  3. I'm keen to check out the shop but am put off by the building. I went in there a few months ago to use the toilet and there were drug addicts shooting up in the dunnies.

  4. Fen, I guess I have just not seen them here.

    Or if they do Victor, they won't have suitable tracks to run them or, or they won't match the platforms.

    AR, while waiting for the tram back, there was open dealing happening. We stopped going to Victoria Street at night because of the drug problem.

  5. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I didn't realise the new 100 yen shop was a Daiso! That's my favourite!! I like your new cute shinkansen. Not long to go now before the real one arrives in Aomori - the excitment is mounting! Last week I received the new timetable; it'll only be 3.5 hours between here and Tokyo. Might have to try it...V.

  6. V, I am using dramatic license about the 100Yen shop and Daiso. I don't actually know if they are the same place. By hook or by internet movie upload or webcam, I am going to be there for the arrival of the Shink at Aomori.

  7. I've seen a Chicken Feed shop at the Big W/Woolies complex in Chapel st, Sth Yarra. I've gone in a couple times for a squizz, but when I first saw it, I too thought it was a pet food shop!

  8. Scratching my head Raelene. Big W/Woolworths in Chapel Street, SY?


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