Monday, November 08, 2010

Sydney Taxi Trip, take two

Perhaps my mind is made up that we were minorly cheated by going to the airport via the Loo. It was ten o'clock on a Saturday morning when we needed to go to the airport.

There is a kebab joint on the eastern side of Darlinghurst Road, Almost, if not, at the corner of Bayswater Road. Outside there is a taxi rank. We caught the cab from the rank and the cab was facing south, in the direction of the airport.

Answer me these. Can you turn right from Darlinghurst Road into William Street? I know you can. Can you turn right from William Street into Bourke Street? I am sure you can. I made an illegal three point u turn there in a hire car. But a right turn into Bourke Street is allowed. Once in Bourke Street, can't you then turn left and enter a single lane tunnel that connects to the Eastern Distributor that gets you to the airport?

Why would you want to go down to Cowper Wharf Road?


  1. Anonymous9:32 am

    Well at least he didn't take you via the bridge and Lane Cove tunnel.

  2. See my comment on the earlier post.

    Yes, you can turn right onto William Street and then right again onto Bourke Street and then left into the Distributor assuming that entrance was not closed for maintenance or some other obscure reason.

    Some parts of Sydney have horrendous traffic jams on Saturdays. For example, near to my home, both Queen Street Woollahra and Moore Park Road, Paddington are shockers to be avoided at all costs anytime between about 10am and 4pm.

    Was this the visit you made in June last year? Maybe the driver steered clear of Victoria St in deference to my unexpected hospitalisation so that my stay at St Vincents could be peaceful. I was discharged late on the Saturday. :-)

    I drive home from playing bridge at around 10.45pm every Monday and Wednesday night and I can guarantee you that at that time of weeknight we are diverted from the usual route through the Harbour Tunnel and/or the Eastern Distributor and/or the Kings Cross Tunnel on average 3/4 times a month when they are closed for everything from maintenance to preparations for a harbour fireworks display.

  3. Yeah well Anon, I have an Aussie accent, although the other three didn't. He wouldn't dare.

    Victor, it was the time before. It is not all about Moaning Minnie's hospital stay.

    I get what you are saying about maintenance, but I don't think so.


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