Monday, November 08, 2010


See the pipes sticking out from the balconies at the top of our building? They are called spitters. They pour out water when it rains or if someone had a hose out on their balcony. I pointed them out to Tradie Brother one day and he was horrified at the idea. In his opinion, rain must go into gutters and downpipes and disappear from sight. They are great to watch when the rain is heavy. The force of the water can send a stream out quite a long way.

Now, who is thinking what about anyone standing below? Well, they don't really go into an area where there might be a lot of people and as the stream falls towards earth, it breaks up into large drops. It wouldn't be great to be standing below, but not as bad as you may think and if it was raining that much, then you wouldn't be standing outside.


  1. I'll be looking up at all the other buildings to hunt for these now lol.
    Looks like a plumbing job many of our Greek neighbours did before they knew about the MMBW *snort*

  2. Anonymous10:55 am

    Appears to be a lazy building job - should be going into guttering.

  3. They should be going into water saving gardens around the highrise.
    They are having success with saving storm water in parts of the city.

  4. I have them on my balcony too. I'd much prefer the water go down a gutter particularly as my reverse cycle airconditioning system is on the balcony too and produces a lot of water in winter so water is always dripping from my balcony.

  5. And with the heavy rain we've had lately you would have had overflows even if it all went into the guttering

  6. Lol at Greek neighbours Jayne. I know exactly what you mean. Not just Greeks actually. My father once plumbed a dishwasher into a storm water was closer and much cheaper. How much of this has happened? A lot I think.

    I think it should have been Anon. Retrospective downpipes were looked at but they really would not look nice running down the side of the building....not that the building looks that great.

    It has been looked at Jahteh, but quite expensive. The building is pressuring council for grants. The spitters certainly water the ground floor apartments' gardens.

    Dripping air con units are not allowed here AR. Except we get drips from above. Ours has an evaporative tray with a heating element to steam the water off. The original air con units had a tray with a small pump and a cute little drain hose. They did not work well.

    Probably Loz. I am only guessing, but there would be central drain in the service core of the building for the roof. Never any problem with that.

  7. It is amazing how much water some eager beaver balcony gardeners generate. I occasionally have bucket loads landing on my balcony from over watering above.

    Well...'bucket loads' is gilding the lily somewhat...but more water than I want invading my space.

  8. Very much against the rules here Victor. But it happens.


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