Friday, November 12, 2010

Sexy Older Man

Can older blokes still be sexy? Generally not. I am Exhibit A, if it pleases the court. Less than ten but more that five years ago I realised I had lost my 'pull' on the streets. From what I have observed of straight men, many never realise that they have lost their pull with the lasses and continue on regardless in spite of their bad skin, bad hair, and very bad shapes. For some reason they think that at the age of 50, 60 or even older, that a twenty year old lass has a thing about bulging grey haired fat gutses. Wow, all I had to do was type Waters in my blog search facility and I have written about sexy older men before.

It seems a long time ago when I saw the tv series The Monocled Mutineer. It was a first class production from where else but England, as was the the movie I first saw him in, Withnail and I, an absolute gem of a movie. Back then Paul McGann was one sexy dude. Now, at fifty, he is still one sexy dude. In the first photo he was 26. Now he is 51. Be advised, there is a hair dye alert.


  1. McGann is gorgeous - he was Dr Who too.
    for hair-dye horror you want Dr.Geoffrey*Edelsten though.
    Rupert Murdoch does his own hair dye so that nobody will know - bwah ha ha

    Harrison Ford's still got IT, but it isn't easy when even Bryan Ferry's gone to the dogs.
    I cannot think of even one male as old as me, who I would find attractive. One must merely find Other Interests. *sigh*
    Good Luck.

  2. Doctor Who in the failed attempt at trying for the American market. I saw Edelsten in Jahteh's blog and then later in the paper. Hideous. I was never one for Ford. He always looked old. You are right about one thing. I can't imagine an older male, that is older than you, who you would find attractive. :-P

  3. Beauty and sexyness is in the eye of the beholder.

    What's not sexy in a gray haired man of approx our age?

    We can salivate after those yung-ones we see online, but unless we have a large wallet and more in the bank, we can forget about them.

  4. Very good taste.

  5. Yeh, McGann has aged well. He's still a looker.

  6. I reckon some guys get even more sexy with age (like a good vintage).

  7. Generally you are right Peter, but I do know of some younger guys who genuinely like older guys.

    Thankee Jayne.

    You like him too Fen. He has a nice voice as well.

    Are you in this category AR?

  8. Now, someone who has NOT aged well. (I'm sure there are many more but this one stuck out like canine knackers.)

    Leif Garrett.

    Pity I won't be around to see what happens to Justin Beiber when he hits 50.

    Thank God I still have my boyish svelte looks and can still pull the Minnie Bannisters at the local RSL less than a year away from pensioner age.

  9. Lord Sedgwick, 'boyish svelte looks' like yours are only possible by drinking the blood of those virgins you've got locked up in the castle dungeons.

    *snort* boyish svelte looks, more like cadaverous.

  10. Sorry, so busy insulting his Lordship, I forgot the post. McGann and the Welsh stud muffin were in 'Hornblower' together, entree and dessert.

  11. 'Hornblower' together, entree and dessert.

    Forgive her, for she knows not what she has just typed. (But, then again, she could be related to Frankie Howerd.)

  12. LS, I think I have posted about Leif before. Bad outcome. Beiber will go to pork quickly. Ah Minnie, her of the screechy voice. Think I will listen to the Last London Tram again now.

    Jahteh, there are the remains of a handsome man in LS. I better check who the Welsh guy is.

  13. "Jahteh, there are the remains of a handsome man in LS."

    All are welcome to the exhumation.

  14. Clearly we all using a wet Saturday afternoon productively.

  15. We've been uncommonly productive. First off, over to the Essendon Farmers' Market (more like a paddy field market when we arrived) but lots of ggos jams and chutneys, thereafter I cooked up about 3 litres of chicken stock, 2 litres of vegie stock and enough gluten free pastry to sink 10 canoes. Then there's the auction of house over the road at which to have a stickybeak.

    The only downside to the day was on the way to the Farmers' Market. Having to avoid Justin Madden and his oompaloompa flunkies touting his tainted election wares in Mt Road.

  16. 'ggos' - NO, I have no idea where that came from. There must have been something in the chutney. 'good' might have been what I was trying to say.

  17. I thought you may have meant googies, as in eggs. Liberal Party political aspirant Mr Clem Newton Brown was not outside Safeway this morning. It must be Labor's turn, so we had Mr Tony Lupton, member for Prahran but without free shopping bags. Cheapskate. Btw, my local member, why does that sound rude? commented on my Dilemma post.


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