Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am still recovering from my surgery in September. I wish I had have been told that it would be such a long recovery. In a couple of days it will be two months later and I no longer need to wear 'the girdle'. Sometimes I have it off and it is a relief, but sometimes it is nice to put it back on and have no irritation from clothing. Hanging loose is not always good.

I suppose most of my readers are of a certain age, so I expect some will connect with what I am saying.

Even before my op, I started thinking about my age and how old I was. Fortunately I have kept my looks, my hair and my physique, so outwardly I present ok. (the first person who comments otherwise will get a good slapping)

Seriously, I am starting to think about the future without me. Will I die a quick and sudden death? Will I die a long painful one? Will I be able to stay home and die in my surrounds? Will there be anyone around to care for me? Or will I die in a horrible hospital? Will my genes kill me? Will my lifestyle kill me? Will my environment kill me? Will I die from work stress?

Will Little Jo in the future google herself and find her baby and toddlerhood irredeemably Pandored? Will she know that I loved her with a passion as strong as her fave Uncle R? She is more than the sum of the parts.

Every so often I hear things that will might or will happen in the future, and they excite me and things I want to be around for. 2030 is not unreasonable for me is it? Surely by then we will have a Rosie the Robot and jetpack travel?


  1. Andrew, first don't worry about dying, it's part of life. Since the day you were born, many moons ago, you've been dying a tiny bit at a time. And when it's there... it just happens, so in the mean time live every day as if its your last.

    Little Jo will know that you loved her, you show it everytime you see her and all those times you don't.

    On your own you've made your mark on society, in life, work and relations.

    Of course I hope we'll be still around in 2030 and that Robert the robot will help if I, or you, can't wipe our arse anymore. ;)

    Hope you're fully recovered before that happens.

  2. You're going to live forever.
    Because I said so, dammit.
    Or you'll be in big trouble if you don't!

  3. I watched a doco the other night about the Aged and how their families/relatives try to keep them alive as long as possible, even though their quality of life may be awful. I hope that when I get old my lot put a Do Not Resuscitate order on me and let me go. Then again, most of the time I think I won't live to be a ripe old age... so who knows eh!

    Isn't it funny, I was told I'd be recovering for 3 months and by 1.5 I was okay. I'd rather that than the reverse.

  4. Oh I am so tempted but I won't, yes I will, no I won't, what the hell, I thought you were dead.

  5. Peter, dying a bit at a time, yes. But some time there are pauses and sometimes quick jumps. Yes, 2030 is not so ambitious. I will only be 73!

    Well, Jayne, it is not like I don't have plenty to live for.

    Gee Fen, you are not so old and you are thinking along my lines. Must be surgery that makes you think like this.

    Jahteh, I hate having to ask what a piece of humour means, so I won't.

  6. Some people achieve immortality by writing great books or painting great works of art...I prefer to achieve it by not dying - Woody Allen.

    I here ya brother

  7. Loz, you have gotten down some great history. While oral history is perhaps best, what you have captured in the written form, a moment in time in the sixties, is just great.


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