Monday, November 15, 2010

A Modest Chimbley

In the quiet back streets of South Yarra, a tiny house has been demolished and I guess a tiny but two storey house will be built there. The blackened chimney remains really appealed to me. No, that is not Doctor Who's Tardis; more likely something Kenny is responsible for. Its on a nasty lean. Could be messy.


  1. It shall be dubbed "an executiuve town house" *rolls eyes* to entice the cashed up fools.
    Cute chimney, though the flu looks like a drunken Uncle Andrew plumbed it in :P

    You've convinced me to have a look at Daiso.
    Chickenfeed has a store in Castlemaine, avoided it like the plague when I spied it.

  2. I always assumed flues went straight up.This one certainly didn't. Can you find out what that Beautipon item is in Daiso is for.

  3. wow, you wouldn't wanna piddle in that outhouse, chances are it will tip over with you in it! Eek.

  4. And some two weeks after I took the photo, it is still there and on a lean. Some work has started for foundations.

  5. Only a very brave person or a fool would use that toilet - someone would be sure to have the urge to push it over while thay were in it

  6. Exactly what a workmate would do to his mate while he was sitting there contemplating.


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