Saturday, November 13, 2010

Media Mother

Oh dear, Mother is in one of those quality magazines again. Not That's Life this time. No, more upmarket, Take 5, and twice no less. Not the best photo of her at all.

She had left a cryptic message on the answer machine that we should go and buy a copy for a laugh. One newsagent, sold out, second sold out, two supermarkets, sold out. Finally a tattslotto shop that sold magazines, second last copy.

Hmm, I see she earnt $100 for her efforts. She can now pay me back some money, ho hum. Perhaps I should encourage her media endeavours.


  1. everyone wants to be a star ... until they are a star.
    Just been reading online news that rave little Sienna Miller is sueing London paparazzi for invasion of her privacy, and good luck to her.

  2. You could post the photo on the blog, so we can enjoy it too! As long as it's SFW. ;)

  3. I'll have to check her out Em Stacks. No bells ringing.

    Peter, it is a horrible photo but I will scan it send it out in an email soon. I did put her picture up a while ago when she was on the cover of another trashy magazine. She is slimmer now, but not so different.

  4. Hi Andrew - am just visiting from River's site.

    I made it into Take 5 earlier this year too (about my litter ninja program) and am still getting weird emails from people who've read about it in doctors' waiting rooms...

  5. Welcome Kath. Fortunately Mother doesn't have email. I did actually read the whole magazine since I paid for it.


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