Sunday, November 07, 2010

Loose in a world of sensible shoes

The inner northern suburbs of Northcote/Thornbury have a reputation of being popular with ladies who wear sensible shoes. I recently visited there and found little to interest me but I'll make the best of it. High Street is a very long street of shops and while there are some interesting ones in the mix, there is a lot of walking to cover all the shops.

Today's quiz is for you to tell me what this car panel beating premises was built for? I think the photo is by Mal Rowe. The rest are mine.

The area in my mind begins once you cross Merri Creek in High Street. In times past you would have alighted from the Clifton Hill cable tram, crossed the Merri Creek Bridge and then boarded another cable tram to continue your trip along High Street as far as Dundas Street. Read what Jayne had to say about it.

You then cross this longish bridgie causwayey thingo. Now I used to know about this. Research. I can't get the search words right. It is essentially a bridge with a solid base and it divides the area in two. I suppose it stretches for about half a kilometre. You can see the city skyline quite well from the tram. V, did you tell me about it?

Nothing wrong with organic, except the price. Seems that if it is grown without expensive fertilisers, insecticides at whatever else chemicals, it costs more. Perhaps they pick the bugs off by hand.

Northcote Town Hall, built back in the days when a town hall looked like a town hall.

I knew I would forget the name of this very trendy looking cafe. While on the surface it appeared to be a place where women with sensible shoes like to visit, they mostly had babies with them, so they were only pretend women with sensible shoes. Hmm, there has been an explosion in the number of babies in the area, but not an explosion in the number of fathers. Hmm indeed. Oh, I just found the name of the cafe, well restaurant actually. It has had some terrible reviews. Best I say nothing. I don't have any money.

I thought this building was just gorgeous.

Parts of High Street have a nice streetscape. Clearly Planning Minister Madden hasn't taken much of an interest in the area, yet. But there are parts that are not so nice too, with more recent but shabby buildings. Our friend in Japan used to live in the area, but after scanning a map, none of the street names jump out at me. V?

Oh, and how did I get there? I walked to Punt Road and caught the Punt Road bus to Clifton Hill and then the tram. I will avoid that bus route in the future. What a nightmare trip.


  1. Anonymous7:42 am

    I love your Melbourne walks. They make me a little homesick.

  2. My guess is the panelbeaters used to be a fire station.

    All Post Offices looked like Post Offices until someone turned them into Post Shops.

  3. I'll go for a pub. Large front doors for the men and discreet side door for the ladies parlor.

  4. It looks to me like either a big old post office, or an old fire station with the two big doors for fire engines to be rushing out from.
    I like your photos.

  5. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Were you looking for my old street? I lived off St Georges Road; one major block from High Street. V.

  6. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Dear god! I have walked that very stretch to the Plaza when the trains buggered up and then the tram was involved in a crash, did I have sensible shoes on, um no lol

    it was a bastard walk up that never ending hill! I am not getting any younger lol


  7. I have a horrible suspicion sensible shoes are making a sneaky comeback ...

    Happy travels!!

  8. Talking of bus routes - which you were - one day I will gird my loins and not take my usual return trip home from Airport West shopping centre on the trusty Kastoria 501 and hope (sic) on the 902 bus.

    My spirit of adventure lives, but I may be some time.

  9. Thanks Scott. Mission accomplished.

    No Victor, not a fire station. There is a clue in the post.

    Thanks River. It is neither. Most old fire stations became redundant because their doors were too small for our present day large fire engines.

    Okies V, I will take another look. I am sure I will remember the street when I see the name.

    Michelle, I would have thought high heels would be an advantage walking uphill. You would be kind of level.

    Red, very much a euphemism. Many people wear sensible shoes.

    Do be careful LS. You may end up in Julia territory, or worse, Frankston.

  10. Anonymous9:48 pm

    It was Newman Street, two streets off St Georges Road; not far from Separation Street.

    Why did you take a bus and tram? The no. 86 tram travels up Burke St to Smith St then onto High St. Much easier! V.

  11. A clue in the post?

    OK then, a cable tram depot?

  12. Silly me!!!

    The cable tram engine house (whatever that is).

  13. Of course V. I doesn't even seem so long ago that we visited Newman Street. Bourke not Burke. How quickly you forget. I came back that way, but how many times have I travelled by tram between here and the city along St Kilda Road in my life? Sometimes I look for alternatives. I found the earlier mentioned Punt Road horse trough which I did not know about.

    Towch aye Victor. It was a cable tram engine house. Your non existent prize is in the post.

  14. I wear sensible shoes, my high arches make it near on impossible to wear heels! Not that I care much!

  15. Fen, I am honoured that you have outed yourself on my blog.

  16. ha ha no secrets here!!


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