Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hammering the message home

It is enough to make you hate someone. I am sure Leonard Cohen is a talented and entertaining musician. He is good enough to incite one blog mate to journey south from Sydney to see him perform at Hanging Rock. The event seems to have been organised by ABC Radio. I really hope the weather is fine and a good time is had by all.

But oh, the relentless promotion of the event on ABC Melbourne has driven me crazy. It has been so relentless, I am kind of hating the dude. Umm, don't tell me it is Saturday, a day with a forecast of storm and tempest?


  1. My sister saw him on his last visit to Australia and said it was the best concert she'd been to.
    A thoroughly enjoyable entertainer who sang through the appalling heat we had at that time and now it looks like he might get the other side of Melbourne's mad weather.

  2. It's interesting. Cohen is half a generation older than me and came to prominence when I was leaving my teens and entering my twenties so I 'should' have been one of his adherents and admirers given the reputation he now holds for my generation but I scarcely have any awareness of him.

  3. Jahteh, I am only guessing it is this weekend as the ads have eased off. But if it is, yes, bad weather.

    Same here for me Victor. Not on my aware list at all until very recently. He does a fine rendition of Hallelujah, but I like KD Lang's better.

  4. The Wainwrights (individually or grouped) do might fine versions too.

    Rufus is a wonderful singer. Martha not far behind.

  5. Your favourites hey LS.

  6. FWIW, an email I received today from my best mate who went to see Cohen with his missus. A fine report from a country lad about hitting 'the big smoke' for such events.

    Debbie Conway did the warm up half-hour for St Lenny ...when did she turn middle-aged, by the way? Anyway .. she promised, 'He's stll got it...'

    In spades.

    Two years on, with still vibrant memories of the 2008 show, I was prepared to think this was a step too far...AND ..all the ravings about the previous show had convinced *** she should go ... to see what the fuss was about. The quinella got up... or perhaps a dead-heat got up [the only win-win that makes sense to me.] Both loved it.
    [Insert many superlatives.]

    The walk back to Flinders St along the Yarra with bits of the Cohen crowd seemed an extension of the whole thing. Good humoured, relaxed, middle-aged [..OK, ...old], couples and groups chattering and gibbering. Then comes Flinders St Station and a walk along Flinders to the Elizabeth St tram ... at midnight .. on a wet, warm Friday. A zoo. The Cohen crowd now disconnected individuals in the midst of crazed people - aliens. Thousands of them, milling and swarming like a hive in a frenzy. Didn't notice any collisions, but they weren't far off. The city, [cities?], are daunting because of the mood swings.

    The tram crowd was in a calm mood.


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