Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Giving me the Woolies

Bah, why isn't our local Safeway store in Prahran changing its signage to Woolworths? I had been wondering when it would be rebadged, in fact why it did not seem to be getting done? Everyone else's is. And why haven't self check outs been installed? Ah, a notice upon a wall explained it all.


  1. Anonymous9:37 am

    Ah - such memories! When I first moved out of home I lived in Windsor and this was my local supermarket. At other times the carpark also served for a night out at Three Faces. Yes - Greville Street just around the corner...

  2. You will be assimilated...resistance is futile...you will be One with The Borg...

    *skips off to play in her local IGA with cracked lino, hand-written price tags and people who know her by first name*

  3. Never underestimate the pervasive reach of bureaucracy.

  4. Scott, it just occurred to me that if you mentioned 3 Faces to anyone under 25, you would receive a blank look in return.

    Jayne, you have moved on since Dickens then.

    Victor, what could you possibly know about bureaucracy?

  5. OMG, I briefly worked at the S.E Dickens store in Burwood LMAO!
    No one would know that, either, alongside 3 Faces and Joey's is being forgotten, too.

  6. Jayne, there was a Dickens in Portman Street. I think it became an SSW. I can't remember the exact location, perhaps between Station and Eaton Streets. Wonder what is there now.

  7. I think it was in that gap that is the Portman St entrance to Oakleigh Centro.
    Don't forget Fosseys on the corner of Eaton and Chester Sts.

  8. Fosseys, another blast from the past. I will ask me Mum.


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