Monday, November 08, 2010

Another day, another truck hits bridge

What on earth is going on with all these trucks hitting bridges that they clearly can't fit under? Another one today, although slightly different this time as an unknown was on the truck, that is something the truck driver did not really know the height of, a cherry picker that was on the back of his truck.

It took R one and a half hours to get home from work, nearly double the time.

Mostly the trucks that hit bridges are of a standard height. I've known a truckie or two in my time. My step father was one for quite a while. They tend to be quite sensible but there are quite a number of rogues. One thing for sure. None of them want to hit a bridge and lose money, possibly lots of money if they are prosecuted, and so they should be.

My minor theory is that they are driving a different truck to what they normally drive. Ho hum, not sure how well that stands up.

What about this one? The posted signage heights are incorrect and falsely low. The truck drivers get to know about the falsely low height signage and know there is a bit of an allowance built in, a safety margin if you like. They think, I am only two centimetres over. Allowing for the falsely low limit, I will fit. A culture of disrespect for low bridge signs and their posted height limits develops. I would suggest that bridge height limits need to be accurate within a couple of centimetres.

It is just my own theory. It could just be that the truck drivers are fucking idiots.


  1. Watched that SBS show Monster Moves and a truck driver was able to halt his truck before a bridge and measure the steam train engine he had on board and also measured the bridge .
    Lo! The magic of Maths was present amongst us as he was able to work out he really had a bees dick to spare and, thus, he did tootle off on his way under the bridge which he did not hit !!!
    ...then they lived happily ever after although the handsome prince snored...The End :P

  2. I would think that second guessing the true clearance height is a dangerous pastime.

  3. I'd go with the latter, for sure.
    Pretty sure that the bridge height signs have to be quite spot on.
    We've had trucks go through the tunnels and rip down all the overhead signage coz they were overly high. They have to go through warnings to get there too, an electronic sign lights up blah blah.

  4. Trigonometry is coming to my mind Jayne. Truckies need to know it.

    Dangerous indeed Victor, but I think they do it.

    Fen, I remember when the truck took out all the lights etc and I have seen the warning sign in action. Ummm, the truck that received the warning go through fine. There's my point.

  5. They may go through ok, however once they trigger that warning the control room are onto it quick smart. I should ask them if the drivers get a fine. I love our control room guys, I'd love to sit in there with them and watch the screens!!

  6. I think the control room would be fascinating Fen. I hope they get fined too. What action happens when control detects an over height truck about to enter?


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