Friday, October 29, 2010

Ye Sons of France Awake to Glory

While the citizens of Great Britain are allowing their Prime Minister and government to impose draconian cuts to health, housing, transport and social justice with barely a murmur, to rectify problems caused by excesses of financial markets, across the Channel the French are revolting. How come the normal person has to pay so dearly for the faults of big business and capitalism?

French President Zarkozy has stared them down and appears to be victorious but who will be for the chop come next election?

Has France ever had an honest and non corrupt President? I go back as far as de Gaulle and I can't recall one. Has France ever had a tall President? (I shouldn't go the cheap shot, should I)


  1. Anonymous7:53 am

    Don't worry - there's plenty of whinging going here in the might lead to action eventually!

  2. Would dearly love to see the big businesses give their CEOs a massive pay cut, particularly the ones running govt departs like public hosps.
    Put them back in the hands of voluntary boards, nil income.
    Then there's the pollies who should surely set the example they expect all the peasants to taking whacking great pay cuts, cuts to their (unending) pensions and perks, supply their own vehicles, pay for their own petrol, submit every.little.receipt for scrutiny, etc.
    Yes, I've got the rose-coloured specs on again *snort*

  3. De Gaulle was tall wasn't he? (6'5")

  4. (I shouldn't go the cheap shot, should I)

    Well, unless you're the french Lee Harvè Oswald.

  5. Even as an Anglophile Scott, they will just keep on whinging and moaning and not take to the streets.

    Jayne, our friend in South Oakleigh's father was on the board of Knox hospital. He was furious when it was disbanded. Executive pay is quite absurd. There is no way they should earn such money for the work they do.

    Gee Victor, you won't let me get away with any gross generalisation. Well, Zarkozy is short and Bonaparte was too.

    Funnily LS, the French are big on assassinations. Another gross generalisation.

  6. That was meant to be not big on assassinations.

  7. Andrew; as a retired public servant of forty years standing pedantry runs in my blood.

  8. I'm surprised you let me get away with as much as do Victor.

  9. IF Obama stays on the 'straight and narrow' he will be the first and only President of anywhere to not be corrupt.
    This is why AUS must never become une Republique.
    Did anybody see last Thursday night's Supersizers Go French Revolution on SBS TV ? The 15 'Years Of Terror' after, were frightening.
    Paris also had terrible street riots in the winter of .

  10. Em Stacks, I remember the riots. Was it about the same time there were riots by students in Bangkok? A workmate was involved in them.