Monday, October 11, 2010

The World of Banking

Sometimes tv ads are remembered for decades and become part of our national culture. Who can forget 'Not happy Jan'. I am not sure if Barbara from bank world fits into this category, but the ads must come close. This is my favourite.


  1. Great ad! But ANZ has a terrible reputation this side of the Tasman for its customer service!!!

  2. Funny how we often remember the ads but don't use the srvices they promote. Think this will be a case in point for me.

  3. A bank ad that has stuck with me for years was a Commonwealth bank ad. I think it came out when "THe State Bank" became "The Commonwealth Bank" and Zoe Carides was in it with her boyfriend and kept telling him "It's your money Ralph". To this day I still use that phrase.

    Love Barbara. She makes me and the kids laugh and we all do the ad along with her; "Shame" and all!!

  4. Nope - was for the State Bank

  5. I love the Barbara ads.

    Unfortunately the banks provide generally lousy service notwithstanding these ads which suggest that they do not.

  6. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Yeah, I can see Barbara entering popular culture - that ad's pretty funny. V.

  7. KN, I seem to recall something about that from a few years ago.

    Cheryl, at least you do remember who the advertiser is this time. I often don't.

    Raelene, must have been more than one ad that referred to Ralph. I can recall the slogan. Then of course there was Which Bank. Too old for you of course, but I just remembered the Solvol ad, wash your hands Jeffrey.

    As a customer of ANZ Victor, they were bad but have improved a lot over the last couple of years.

    There is about three ads with her in them V. I think this is the funniest.

  8. Anonymous6:30 pm

    "What you want MORE, of them!!!"

    She's my idol, I base all my customer service I provide on Barbara's skills in this field.

    Go barbara you rock.

  9. Good for you Anon. Nothing wrong with the Basil Fawlty school of customer service.

  10. i LOVE Barb the bank manager! The ads are classic. The actress performs Barbara brilliantly!

    And yes I remember "it's your money Ralph"... problem is when I use that expression to people who are from interstate they have no idea what i'm talking about given it was for the State Bank in Victoria.

    Another phrase that gets used from time to time is to "punch a hole in the wall", meaning to use an ATM. Not sure which bank the ad was for, I think Statewide Building Society(?) back in the '80s. They were part of a series of ads with the manager (Barry Otto) and his all-knowing secretary whose answer for everything was to use the Statewide Building Society. Not sure what happened to Statewide i guess it got eaten up by one of the big banks?

    1. Anonymous12:37 pm

      Statewide merged with the RESI building society. The resulting PBS became a bank (Bank of Melbourne) which was taken over by Westpac. Westpac kept the BoM brand going for a while, then dropped it, but has now revived it.

    2. Thanks for the information, Anon.

  11. ha ha I remember the Ralph ads too and I still use that expression!
    I love the way Barbara refers to the kids in the ANZ ad, the first time I saw it I snorted in laughter!

  12. The Carides sisters are both beautiful and classy and "It's your money Ralph"was wonderful.
    All the banks stink because they serve only their Shareholders, not their depositors.

  13. TVAU, I saw her in something else the other night. She is a good actor. I don't remember the Statewide one at all, but most building societies were eventually eaten up by Westpac.

    I laughed out loud the first time I saw it Fen.

    Nationalise them Em Stacks....ah, it was tried.