Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Troubling me today

It is not so long ago that I realised the Australia stockmarket is controlled by a private company, ASX. The stock market does not have a long history of operating in an honourable manner, so I would have thought it was much better for it to be owned and controlled by the Federal
Government. But now, it is going to be controlled from Singapore, with the Singaporean government having a decent chunk of interest in the company. What a laugh, a foreign government part owning our sharemarket. I'm not really laughing.

On a lighter note, Sony is shipping out its last Walkmans, that is audio cassette/radio players. What shall I do when mine breaks down? Truly, it is a long time since I have listened to a cassette, but I use the radio all the time. Guess I will have to get a portable digital radio.

Caught up in the tram overhead wire is what used to frequently be seen on weekend and Monday mornings, that is cassette tape discarded into the street when the tape had become hopelessly tangled within the workings of usually car cassette players. While I have a very even temper, I can recall ripping tape out of a machine in frustration and anger. Actually, in this photo it is not audio cassette tape, but some other wider kind. Very hard to see, I know.


  1. I still have a Sony Walkman AM/FM radio (no cassette). It has been one of my favourite possessions for years now. I've searched in vain for something newer in the same line.

  2. Never oqwned a Walkman, when I needed music along the way I just hummed what came up.

    The Amsterdam Stock Exchance changed name in 1983 to Amsterdam Exchance Index [AEX] when they became part of EOE European Options Exchange, a conglomorate of several stock-exchanges in Europe. Now they are called Euronext, since they merged with the New York Stock Exchange. It's all business... they say.

  3. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Maybe you can get yourself one of those iPod thingys!! V.

  4. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Go an ipod shuffle and download your favourite podcasts and music to listen to on it.

  5. We've just resurrected the tape player on the radio/CD player thingie for Dad to listen to audio books - many from the libraries are still on cassette.
    Avoid the MP3 player audio books - they're usually buggered with naught to fix em, unlike a random HB pencil shoved in the round cassette holes to wind on the tape :P

  6. Victor, maybe not as small, but I have a friend who has a smallish digital radio and it works well.

    Peter, you make you own music hey. So capitalism is well entrenched in business matters in Netherlands.

    What you talkin' bout V?

    I have had a shuffle for a number of years Anon. I now use a generic mp3 player to listen to podcasts in the order I want to. I'm over music.

  7. Can't imagine how you borrow an mp3 book from the library Jayne. Yes, the good old pencil to wind the cassette on and untighten it, or tighten it.

  8. I used to have a bright green walkman, not sure whatever happened to it. Can you even buy tapes anymore?

  9. Funnily Fen, I just saw some blank cassette tapes for sale the other day at Woolworths at Altona Gate.