Friday, October 15, 2010

The Thing about Surgery

Have I already complained about how much my surgery cost? I have top health insurance and I am so much out of pocket. For the same treatment in our public system, I may have had to wait a few months but it would have cost almost nothing. The only thing I can say is that I received first class care from all concerned, but then I have received good care in our public system in the past.

What did puzzle me somewhat is infection control. I recall Step Father in a public hospital before he died. I recall dyke heart transplant friend in hospital with an infection. I recall Mother in hospital trying to get her blood pressure under control. In common, gloves and alcohol hand wash pumps everywhere and someone to lecture you if you did not use them and missed the notices.

Yet in the private hospital and surgeon who sliced me up, no gloves and no hand wash to be seen.

Very strange.

Six plus weeks after my surgery, I am still suffering. I am ok at work because I don't need to move much. I have numbness and tenderness. Why wasn't I told in advance about how long it would take me to recover?

Grandma would have loved velcro instead of laces for her corset. I have to wear one to keep everything tight.

Ok, written a good while ago, 15/10. I don't wear the corset anymore and I have no problem doing anything but I still have numbness and tenderness. I suppose it is well over a month since I saw the specialist and he had no interest in seeing me again. I saw my own doctor a month ago and he said yes, it can be long recovery. Last night I wrote an email to Bone Doctor seeking some reassurance that I am in a normal recovery situation, but I did not send it and deleted it this morning. I am getting better all the time, but it is just taking so long. Everyone has stopped asking how I am, assuming because I engage in a normal way that I am recovered. But I am not.

I have finally sorted out all the bills and claimed what I could from either Medicare or my health insurance. I still think private health treatment for the health insured is absurd. It might be good if you are in pain and on a long public health waiting list for non urgent treatment, but in the future, I will go with our public system.

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