Friday, October 15, 2010

They Missed

There are few people in this world that I hate enough to wish they were dead. Ex Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett comes close. Like one Mrs Thatcher, he not only did not care about the working class, he detested them and did his best to create a climate of fear before trying to crush them. While he pandered to his rich business mates, he believed in the trickle down effect to prosperity. Prosperity may have trickled down, at the speed of refrigerated treacle.

So it was no surprise to me that he was shot at twice, so says he. I would have thought there was good reason to shoot at him more than twice.

I don't recall it happening during his reign and funnily there is no newspaper record. A blogmate in the know has no recollection and nor does his personal security police officer. The Police have no record. The media have no records.

Amusingly the person at the head of Beyond Blue, a philanthropic org to combat depression, is a person who caused much depression and despair, one Jeff Kennett.

Kennett is not a fool. He is up to something.


  1. Yep ... agree.

    Just like our stupid KK ... why is she doing all that stuff with with the work safety thing? Certainly not for the good health of the workers.

    JK is working up some bombshell for the first week of the election a la JaBBA. He is ploughing the paddock ...

  2. Anonymous6:39 am

    Andrew, You do wonder why anyone so anti-working class would even consider entering the world of politics.
    I've always been a bit suspicious of all our Eton College silver spoon fed Conservative polititians. What exactly is their motive for going into politics?

    Mrs Thatcher failed to attend her 85th Birthday party at No 10 Downing Street the other evening. Poor health they said, but the party went ahead anyway.

    My how we were conned into voting for her. We thought we had a housewife at the helm. How wrong we were. Fortunately people power had her eventually removed, Poll Tax and all that.


  3. /Kennett is not a fool. He is up to something.'

    In his early days as Opposition Leader he was thought of up here as a buffoon but impressions changed when he made a comeback and later became your Premier.

    To this day some commentators refer to Victoria's stronger position nowadays in comparison with NSW as dating back in part to decisions made by Kennett.

  4. I agree with Victor that some commentators do make that observation. However, we are not well served by our commentariat. It is not that Kennett made your economy et al stronger, just that we had bigger buffoons over a much longer period of time.

  5. Quite so Julie and regrettably whoever wins in NSW on 21 March 2011 the situation seems unlikely to change.

  6. Economy of works Jayne. How I used to answer some essay assignments.

    Julie, I only read a bit about it in this morning's Australian. Seems like she was arguing for a fairer deal for NSW workers, or maintain the status quo at least.

    DeeJohn, they were of similar ilk. He whacked a property surcharge on property owners or was it residents? I forget now.

    Victor and Julie, I never believed that Victoria was in such a parlous state when he took over, like I don't believe NSW is now. Both are rich states with plenty of money. It is how it is managed that matters.

  7. The problem KK has is that she is welching on something previously agreed. Also that she wants something for a bunch of workers on Barangaroo not available to other workers. The commentariat maintain that she is currying the CFMEU.

    I agree it is how it is managed. I do not like O'Farrell getting onside with the clubs re pokies. I shall not vote either major party, and seeing that I do not have to indicate a preference in this state ... voila!

  8. such a shame no one takes pot shots at Eddie McGuire.

  9. Ah yes Julie, Barangaroo special payments. Slipped my mind. She is in favour with they union, who will then put pressure on Canberra.

    And a certain S Newman Fen.