Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spech Day

It is my birthday. It hasn't been bad until this last minute when I blurted something out on the phone to a well wisher which resulted in a highrise bedroom door slamming shut and I am left alone.

Ten cards, three sms, four phone calls and two emails. Really, I am of an age where I would rather skip birthdays, but hey, I love the love.


  1. Happy burpday!!!

    Sorry it's gotten a bit sucky for you though. Go kiss and make up.

  2. Oh crap. I hope the fight doesn't last long. That's not a good way to spend a birthday.

    I hope you end up having a good day.

    Happy Birthday...despite the unhappy incident.

  3. Anonymous3:31 am

    I like how you labeled this post "old". Happy Birthday anyway.

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew!

    Hope the surprise party wasn't cancelled. ;)

  5. Sorry for the unpleasantness involved, but happy birthday wishes for yesterday nonetheless.

    Hope things have righted themselves.

  6. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Hope you ended up having a grand day.

  7. belated birthday love to you Andrew. Hopefully your day ended well. xo

  8. I knew I should have given R a cupcake of his own.

  9. Thanks Ren.

    Wasn't a bad day Dina.

    Well Scott, I am feeling old.

    Peter, I am awaiting to be surprised.

    Kinda ok now Me.

    Thanks Daniel.

    Most kind LiD.

    Got a couple of nice pressies Fen.

    Good idea Jahteh, distract him.

  10. Best belated wishes for a wonderful birthday. I hope you guys had a better end to your day.

  11. That was the end of the day Rae, but thanks. Things have improved.

  12. Couple of days late - but happy birthday Andrew.

    You did better than me - but like you I prefer mot to identify when my birthday is - it adds an air of mystery, it's rude to ask a gal how old they are ;)

    (That's my excuse anyway!)

    Happy Birthday - hope you enjoyed the day and what's another day/month/year? - Just more learning time!

  13. Thanks Heather. I am happy in my mind to get older.