Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Snaps taken in Collingwood slash Fitzroy

The old Collingwood Post Office. Looks like it should have a clock in the tower. It is now apartments. The balconies are divided in two with some cheap modern fencing material.

Post Offices are a bit less grand now. Well, rather a lot less grand.

The result of protests to save this building ended with a real abortion. It is shocker. Behind the fa├žade is car parking over the top of a supermarket! The steel props holding it all up are quite visible.

A busy a colourful shop window, geared up some forthcoming horse race I believe.

In spite of what this rather nice leadlight window says, it is not the Albion Hotel, but the Punters Palace.

Urban renewal is apace in Collingwood and Fitzroy. How many flats could he crammed into where this house sits.

Ivy is a nice girl, but you have to keep her under control. Once she gets away from you....... In this case I think it is Virginian creeper, or mock grapevine if you like.


  1. 'some forthcoming horse race'

    There is an ad running on radio here at the moment for a betting service which begins with the question 'Do you like to watch small men mount large horses?' which makes me chuckle every time. I must satisfy the cheap sexual innuendo demographic.

  2. Top pics. You certainly do have a good photographic eye.

    A very ailing gay brother of one of our closest friends used to run the Collingwood library.

  3. "I think it is Virginian creeper,"

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus - that creepy old bearded fat man who turns up shopping centres to have his photo taken with young kiddies on his lap.

  4. I so wish there was a VCAT type body for shoddy renovations involving old buildings...can't we have fun by bringing back the stocks and sentencing those tasteless twats to 3 weeks worth of rotten vegies being chucked in their face.
    Akin to the rotten visuals we get slapped with when eyeballing their handiwork.

  5. This post reminds me of Dan Sultans Old Fitzroy, which is getting some airplay on Triple J at the moment. After seeing the clip for the first time to get the link for this post I'm surprised you didn't cross paths somewhere...

  6. I love the somewhat surreal aspect of the Woolworths building: how when you look from direct in front you see blue sky and clouds through the windows. When I lived nearby, we used to call it the Magritte Safeway.
    (Sometimes we called it "Scary Safeway", but that was due to the clientele rather than the architecture.)

  7. Great photos, Andrew. I remember when that post office had a cafe on the lower floor. Before that it had something to do with toys - a toy museum perhaps. The bomb site next to it was like that last time I was in Smith Street, which was over 6 months ago. I agree, the facade of the Safeway in Smith Street is just sad. The house with the graffiti on the fence made my heart flutter. It looks almost unrenovated.

  8. Gosh Victor, that ad goes a bit further than I would have thought usual. Amusing.

    Near Collingwood Station LS?

    LS, with your facial adornment and it you put on a few kgs, there could be a Santa position for you.

    Great Jayne. They must be in their Armani suits in the stocks.

    I saw that clip a while ago Ben. Can't remember why or who suggested it. It does capture Fitzroy well.

    Altissima, I can't agree, but I know what you mean about scary Safeway. It was a Sunday and I have since been back on a weekday and I think the area has been 'tidied' up a lot.

    I vaguely recall the toy place LiD. Nice extra colour, thanks. I wonder what the house is like inside? A mess I expect.

  9. Anonymous8:51 am

    Ah I love smith street when I am down in Melb. Used to shop at that Woolies when bf lived nearby in Fitzroy. And yes there were a lot of scary people shopping (lifting) there. Maybe one day they will utilize the site better.

    Love the street art on the old house.

  10. If you haven't been to Fitzroy for a while, the number of murals and street art is huge. Sadly quite a bit of graffiti too.