Sunday, October 10, 2010

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run

Barriers! Bah, they sound like thunder as they are unloaded from the trucks. I know what this mean, that is we can't easily go east today. I was tempted to enter, snort, this year but on doctor's advice, best not to. Next year I will. Besides I have to work, my first day back.

The annual Melbourne Marathon, sold out for the first time with over twenty thousand competitors, the largest marathon in Australia.


  1. Anonymous8:40 am

    Hope your work day is stress free.
    X X

  2. oh for godssake 'anon?' it's ME
    I don't know what happened.

  3. The Great Beareded Sky Daddy gave us legs to walk, as in amble, slowly, from one out-cropping of food source to another.
    We were silly enough to get in the way of overly-large meat consuming critters and discovered we could get up to a trot; it was never intended to be used in a fun manner and, thus, goes against the whole of Bearded Sky Daddy's intentions.
    I'm sure if we scour the (obscure) text enough we could drum up some support to get this unholy nonsense out-lawed, at least on Sundays.
    And relegated to areas where the sight of galloping galumphs will not cause offence to the ambulating worshippers.

  4. Hahahahahahaha Jayne- your's is the best justification I have ever read for my longstanding and firmly held non-runner beliefs!

  5. It wasn't too bad Ann.

    So agree Jayne. I spotted two competitors throwing up and one collapsed today. A brisk walk is as fast as we need to move. We don't have the knees for running.

    Yep KN, look at all the joint injuries they suffer. Crazy.

  6. I spoke to my sis via skype today and she asked me if I ran, seeing everyone else was! Cheeky minx. Maybe I'll do it next year....not!

  7. We will run together next year Fen... across the road for coffee, the only sane activity for 7am.

  8. yes, that sounds more like it!