Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road Rage #51

This is probably quite an inner Melbourne thing. Stupid drivers can be found everywhere but can any be more stupid than those who drive on our two lane roads that have trams in the middle and no right turn lanes?

The front car arrives at a set of traffic lights with its right indicator on, intending to turn right of course. If I was following such a car, I would check with my mirrors to see what was behind me and steer left and go around the car on the left hand side. Easy. If the car in front is not indicating to turn right then I would just stop behind. If you move into the left lane beside a car travelling straight ahead, then you will have to merge or force your way in on the other side of the intersection because parked cars will be in your lane. It is annoying in such situations when the lights go green and then the car in front indicates to turn right and you are stuck behind it but hopefully you can still pass to the left of the car once it moves out into the intersection.

But someone doing that I can cope with. What I hate is the idiot who is going straight ahead and yet pulls up behind a car turning right instead of stopping to the left of the car. And then the innocent, the believers and the naive will pull up behind the car going straight ahead in the belief that no one would be stupid enough to pull up behind a car turning right at traffic lights. This can ricochet back to the point where no one can get past because of parked cars and the fool still will not move to the left and pass the car turning right.

I can cope with the nasty drivers on the roads. I can cope with the aggressive drivers on the roads. I can cope with those who whizz past me when I am travelling at the speed limit. I can cope with those who think it is safer to drive 20 kph less than the speed limit in perfect conditions. I can even cope with the 18 year old blonde female P plate drivers, but oh, I struggle with the just plain stupid. It is lucky we citizens of Australia generally can't carry guns, or I would have one and take them out and thereby considerably add to the intelligence quotient in Australia.


  1. Miss O'Dyne's father drives to annoy, it's his mission, his only mission in life. Of course he is a legend in his low mind, the Stirling Moss of geriatrics.

  2. My Dad's advice when I first passed my driving test was 'just treat everyone else on the road as a complete idiot and assume they will do what you cannot imagine that any idiot will do and that way you'll always anticipate the completely ludicrous' - yes, he could be a bit long winded......but I'm still alive to tell the tale.

  3. Quite a savage little Pollyanna!

  4. I just hate other drivers FULL STOP! I almost got side swiped by a driver trying to get into the left lane to go around a car turning right. Thing was I WAS ALREADY IN THE LEFT LANE and had been all along. Freakin moron. I did a big long beep and swore loudly. Heh.

  5. Not just an inner Melbourne thing Andrew, it happens in Sydney too.

  6. More like Mr MaGoo I've heard Jahteh.

    Quite so Maddy. It is the accident that you don't see is about to happen that can get you. I enjoy your tales from the Enchanted Village.

    I was Pollyanna two days ago Jayne. I change.

    Fen, you anticipated and the other car did not. He/she should suffer being stuck behind, not you by being cut off.

    Praise where it is due Victor, Sydney drivers are better than Melbourne's.