Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not voting Liberal

I don't care how useful his shopping bags are or how cute the guy handing them out is, I am not voting for the Liberal Party in the forthcoming state election.

However, I do admire a stayer and not a fly in, one failed try for election, fly out again. CNB is a stayer for sure.


  1. But do you have to number each and every square?

  2. Is there any evidence of the 'real action' to which he refers??

    Happy travels!!

  3. No idea Julie. Perhaps an alternative method of voting for the upper house.

    Red,I think it is the party's election slogan. I don't know much of their policies, but I remember well the last time they were in power and what the action was.

  4. Real Local. How local is that? LOL!

  5. And my attitude to Labor is that once they were the best of the working class now they are the scum from the middle classes ooooahhh!

    I live In Rob Oakeshott's seat the so called dancing independent - but its been the nationals who have supported my cause in the past three years - so I will be supporting Leslie Williams was a Palliative care nurse with a brother with severe cerebral palsy. The only difference between the Coalition and Labor is that Labor couldn't run a chook raffle and make a profit or even break even...just sayin' is all - still friends??

  6. Course still friends MC. Can choose your family, but can't choose your friends. Silly of me, I know, but it is about ideals.