Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not Before Time

Bone Doctor has never had to care for Little Jo for a whole day on her own until a few weeks ago. Much to her relief, Sister came home earlier than planned and took over care. Bone Doctor was quite stressed.

Mother related to me that last week when Bone Doctor had to care for Little Jo for the whole day again, Bone Doctor ended up giving Little Jo a smack. Sister came home and sent Bone Doctor to her room to chill out.

Bone Doctor is always very calm, rational and un-emotional. I can only guess what Little Jo did to provoke a smack. But then I have seen Little Jo do many things that she should get a smack for. I recently chipped her for throwing a ball inside. She threw it again and it hit the venetian blinds. I raised my voice somewhat. She went running to Uncle R.

Not my business but I really do question these modern child rearing methods. I just pick up the trail of destruction afterwards. But back in my days...........


  1. Ah yes, I frequently have the same thoughts ... but as a childless one (deliberately barren??!!) I tend to keep them to myself! BUT ... the 'my house, my rules' code of practice works for me!

    Happy travels!!

  2. A quick little smack on the back of the hand does no lasting harm, underlines the seriousness of the message and helps lay the foundation for social boundaries/expectations.

  3. That is what we have done too Jayne, a smack to the back of the hand shows them you mean business.
    Now, with the kids being 7yrs upwards, we use words, sit down and consequences sort out. Banning from special events if need be soon sort them out.
    Of course we have "moments", but that is normal isn't it?
    When the kids were toddlers, they did do things like what Little Jo is doing... testing the waters, testing the limits. Harder to reprimand when you are not the parent, but, You and R are like Little Jo's second home to her. I would think that what you say and do will make a difference.
    When we have other kids play here I watch them and if they do things I do not like in my place I just softly let them know that these are the boundaries and set them out, and then they know. Primarily, I let them know that they all ought to have fun and that means playing safe :) Of course, they are school aged, some in high school too.. not toddlers.
    Huggs Andrew... you are an awesome Uncle.

  4. I remember it well. I was the one who stayed home (the quaint and patronising term 'house husband' was on vogue back in the 70's) and did the child wrangling.

    Intriguing that for one of the (arguably) most important jobs, with lasting consequences there is no training or rule books. Flying by the seat of one's pants was probably the best and only option.

    The little buggers (well I was lucky there was only one, but at times it felt like ...) could wear you down to the point of insanity at times.

    I am eternally grateful for 'Romper Room' with Miss Helena (no relation, that one) and Mr Dooby for the moments of respite they provided me.

  5. Christos Tsiolkas's The Slap, is the book.

    wonderful 1970's comedian Erma Bombeck had a routine which began
    'never hit a child in anger' and ended with 'what better time?'

    Sedgwick ommitted Play School and The BusyBox.

  6. I like the my house my rules stance Red.

    Jayne, there a column in yesterday's Age against smacking children. The writer said that hurting children was bad. I tend think if a smack is used very sparingly, then it doesn't have to hurt. It is the shock and embarrassment that has an effect.

    Well Cazzie, you have had plenty of experience. I like to appeal to their sense of reason and right, but it doesn't always work.

    Primary carer isn't it now LS? Children have been brought up for a long long time without rule books. Instinct seems to work. Nowadays, dvds replace Romper Room. Bless dvds.

    Read it Ann, and I did not like the book. See Pants post on the book, as I agree with her. I was disappointed. It could have really gone somewhere. Women can do great comediac pieces about child rearing. Never heard of Busy Box.

  7. *zips mouth shut* ;)

  8. C'mon Fen. You must be fore or agin beating children.

  9. My Dad chased me with a wooden spoon once, it ended in us both out of breath and giggling madly. I don't have kids and I don't have a need to discipline any kids, so I don't really have an opinion to be honest. That's ze truths.

  10. Fen, isn't there a kid you come across who you would like to slap?

  11. Not lately, but usually I can ignore them, or remove myself from their vicinity!