Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not another balloon photo

Yeah, more balloons. Mostly I don't take much notice but there was a bit of a problem with these two. The first landed on a field very close to the playground where we take Little Jo. Usually they land much further into the park in a more open area. The second one clearly intended to land there but hovered stationary for a time. How can it remain stationary? I don't know.

It then rose and drifted off again and landed further into the park. Landings seem to be seldom text book and very variable but I don't know of any serious mishaps in Melbourne. I recall one landing on the island in Albert Park Lake and the occupants had to be 'rescued'. Here is a link to our balloon flight a couple of years ago.


  1. I am mildly surprised that these are sanctioned over the city, but then again, this is Melbourne.

    Do you have a hot air tax?

  2. If they taxed hot air then our State pollies would be bankrupt :P

  3. ditto

    Geez if I hear one more thing about 'that bloody religious woman' I will simply have to puke!

    Have to play records today ... ggrrr ...

  4. That's what I don't trust about these balloons, they just go where ever the breeze takes them.
    One landed on the other side of the highway last week, in a park. I didn't know they came this far out.

  5. Julie, the airport is a long way out, unlike K-S and the balloons generally fly south west or north east, the prevailing wind directions. We ought to have a hot air from mouth tax.

    The would for sure Jayne.

    Records Julie, how quaint. You'll get your exercise winding the player up. Sick of 'that woman' news too, not that I have any issue with her.

    I don't know how they do it Fen, but they seem to have very good control of them.