Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just another Sunday

You really would not think it was so hard to buy a dressing gown. I knew mine was looking shabby. I can't remember why V was in our Toyoko Hotel room in Hirosaki with me in bed attire, namely my dressing gown, but she remarked that she remembered my dressing gown from the last time she stayed at the highrise, and possibly the time before that. My dressing gown must be quite old.

I vaguely recall the previous model, one that was too warm for the naturally warm highrise. I replaced it quick smart with a light weight model.

To buy a new one, I need to remember where I bought the last one. I had already led R on a wild goose chase, through Myer, Target and Big W. He then said he thought I bought it at KMart but I misheard him and thought he said 'the market', meaning South Melbourne Market. I became fixated on getting to the market to get a new dressing gown. Sunday, not working, must go to market. By the time Sunday arrived, plans were in place. But then I realised my mishearing and the after some discussion, we agreed KMart was where the old one came from. Amazing that I could not find an appropriate dressing gown at the afore mentioned stores. How hard can it be to buy a lightweight not too expensive dressing gown. I recall I paid $12 for my current one. I was prepared to pay more, but not $80 for something that was close to what I wanted, but not quite.

Ok, no need to go to South Melbourne Market, but you know, dim sims were on my mind and they have have the best. We did a quick tour of the market and almost were talked into buying a new vacuum cleaner, but hey, we have spent so much money of late. Ease up.

Now for a character building exercise, get onto the West Gate Bridge from South Melbourne. It wasn't so hard really using Montague Street.

Straight to the car wash in Altona. While R's car was washed a couple of days ago at the St Kilda car wash, the Highriser Hyundai only deserved the Altona car wash. The Altona car wash is a pleasure to use. It is spacious, uncramped and cheap. The others we use, North Melbourne, St Kilda and Port Melbourne are none of those.

To Altona Gate shopping centre and lo and behold, at Kmart there were perfect dressing gowns. R bought one too. The price has risen from $12 to $19 but I am very happy with my new kimono as the price scanner described it.

We decided we wanted milkshakes and Donut King could supply them. May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. We bought a donut each. I chose the jam one. $2.60 for one jam donut!!! I won't do it again. I wish I was back in Hirosaki in Mr Donut.

We went out early, at 9 o'clock and we were home by 12. After doing some bits and pieces at home R asked if I wanted to go out again. I was quite behind with computer stuffs but that can always wait. Real life is more important.

R did not suggest anywhere to go, so I bit the bullet and suggested we go to where I wanted to take a photo in Argyle Street, Fitzroy. We both enjoy such trips and I will put some photos up later, but we alighted from a jam packed tram in Smith Street, walked northward towards Johnston Street, stopped off for a late lunch at a bakery and then walked along Argyle Street to Brunswick Street and caught a jam packed tram back to town and then a quieter tram home.

Melbourne's north/south divide line is the Yarra River and gee how it was contrasted today. Our tram to the city was busy, but not crowded. No one behaved badly to cause me to glare at them.

The tram from the city to Collingwood/Fitzroy was a big one, but very full. Aboriginal lasses were on board and making their presence widely known.

The tram back to town was small and jam packed. Some loon attempted to entertain the crowd but no one cared and he was just annoying. The view out the window was of buildings cheek by jowl and none very attractive.

Ok, I do know how to pick a quiet tram to get home from the city, but how nice it was to not be hemmed in by crowds and look out the window and see green parks and trees and everyone on the tram was very considerate and polite. There is much to be admired about areas north of our city, but I really am a south side person.


  1. I haven't washed my car since I purchased it, in March, or was it May? Bad huh.

  2. Wow. That's a very expensive donut.

  3. You know the Sth Melb market dim sims are reputable when fush 'n' chup shops in Ferntree Gully, Pakenham and Belgrave slap up signs outside advertising "South Melb Market dim sims available HERE!"

    Love the lamp you have in front of the mirror in previous post :)

  4. Fen, it would be nearly three months since I washed mine. Pretty pointless in the winter.

    I was just gobsmacked Dina. I think you can buy a box for that much elsewhere.

    I have seen signs in Brunswick Jayne, but not that far out. Guess where the lamp came from? South Melbourne Market.

  5. Anonymous6:26 pm

    If only Mr Donuts had jam doughnuts - then I'd never leave the place! V.

  6. Look for a suggestion box V.

  7. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Nuthin wrong with being common as muck pretending you are all la de da.