Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flat packs arrive

This glass hall table was great for the position we had it in in our Burwood unit some eighteen years ago. Likewise this shelving unit served its purpose very well, originally with a corner piece and it ran along two walls and we reinforced one of the shelf supports to carry a large and heavy old crt tv. In Balaclava I spray painted the black metal work silver.

R has nagged for a long time about replacing both, so we have. The glass table had a chip and we chucked it in a friends garage sale a couple of weeks ago. It would not fit in the car well, so R sat in the back seat and held it with it hanging out the boot while I drove very slowly to East St Kilda. We didn't get much for it, but we did get rid of it to a good home.

Sister wanted the shelving unit so we took it apart and managed to fit it into the car but again R had to sit in the back seat but least the boot lid closed and he did not have to hold it. Just as well as this time we had to travel to Sister's on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Now there is one thing that can quickly lead to the ruination of a long term relationship and that is partners assembling flat pack furniture together. I could not do anything strenuous so I left it to R and a fine job he did too, after a few puzzling moments and some taking apart. We had bought a $30 electric screwdriver to help. We should have bought one years ago. Just once he asked me for some help and after a couple of minutes, I could see things weren't going as I would like and opened my gob. Oh dear, this won't end well. I am outta here One person assembling is better. The delivery man asked R if he was assembling it himself. When R said yes, the delivery man rolled his eyes skyward.

The shelves came in four packs, two packs to make up one shelf unit and each pack weighed an amazing 40 kg. The rear foot pads were sitting on the carpet straight edge, so R removed them and used some of the polystyrene packing at the back so that they sat level. Then we bought and screwed in a plate at the top to keep them together and with the supplied straps and our butterfly bolts, we strapped it to the wall so that it won't fall forward.

We will use the cupboard for extra storage. But an easily accessible power point to turn on or off five lamps is now behind the cupboard. I'll leave our solution to that one for another post.

There is little in the highrise that is older than fifteen years, except the human occupants. Oddly the desk where I am now sitting is of that age, and the chair I am sitting on and the filing cabinet next to me, but little else. Murmurs have been made about the desk, but I don't like the options.


  1. Very nicely done even though I hate Ikea which I presume it is.

  2. Freedom Jahteh. I rarely see anything I like in Ikea.

  3. oh wow, very nice new white shelves, well done R!

  4. Love the new white shelving unit. Have seen a blockier one in Ikea that we've been coveting for sometime, but I like this one much more. Are you willing to share the cost? Most interested in seeing what else they have in the range.
    Nice update in your surrounds, eh?

  5. A bit more modern Ian. They were probably the oldest furniture we had.

    Bout $1000 for the shelves Raelene. Now you are the puter together in your household aren't you. Don't ask me for tips, except an electric screwdriver is very helpful.

  6. Hi Andrew, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Loving that big white shelf, R did a great job. I leave that stuff to Mike as its of no interest to me ( or maybe its because I dont have the patience).

    I did think the Tram dinner was good value. We booked it in NZ about July of this year and chose the early dinner, as we thought that was reasonably priced and we were not sure we could do five courses.....

    The service was fab, and the cost included bubbles to start with, then I moved onto a red wine and had a few glasses of that, with dinner and then after dinner we were offered port or other drinks....

    We were also given a postcard to keep, and we were allowed to keep the printed menus (a scrapbookers delight) I know I am a nerd!!)

    Menu wise it was a set menu and for what it was it was yummy. We enjoyed looking out the window, and taking everything in.

    By the way I just love Melbourne, but I think it will always hold a special place due to the fact that we eloped there four years ago :-)

  7. Compliments to R for erecting that shelf-unit. I wouldn't have the patience for that [too many screws]. ;)

  8. Dodge snakes dropping from trees? Sail croc-infested waterways?? Endure 'dingo-trap' ear bashing from fellow travellers??? All these - and more! Just DON'T ask me EVER to assemble ANYTHING from a flat pack!!!

    Happy travels!!

  9. I'll really like you heaps though Cheryl if you can back a caravan.

  10. Janine, you have told me that I must do the restaurant tram. Eloping to Melbourne, how romantic.

    Peter, at our age I suppose there is such a thing of too many screws.

  11. ooh I do like how your knick knacks look on the new shelf. Very fancy indeed.

  12. Oh I love them. I love organisation... and so I organised my house today before going to work.. yeah... let's see how long it lasts!

  13. Rather too many knick knacks perhaps Fen.

    Cazzie, how well I know kids = disorganisation.

  14. Nope, not too many, my Nan has too many!