Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheers Bill

Bye bye Smiffy. Bye Tony. Bye Bob, June, Reg and various others. Oh, they have gone already. Good night John Boy. Sorry, mixing it up there.

I quite liked the recent re-invention of The Bill. It became quite slick in its presentation and technically quite good. Everyone says that it went wrong when it started to focus on the personal lives of the characters. I am not sure. For me, maybe it lost its sense of humour. Reg was like the comedian sidekick. He went. They used to take the piss out of Tony. That stopped. Gina has some very witty and bitchy lines. She left. I can't think of one instance of any humour in The Bill of late.

In a way it has reflected modern society. My workplace used to be a fun and light hearted and a joking place to work, and even taking into allowance my age, it is no longer. I could even go so far as saying I used to enjoy going to work to connect with my workmates, to bitch, to joke, to have a laugh. It changed and the time kind of parallels what has happened with The Bill.

I will miss The Bill, but not mourn it. Thankfully I will be gently let down by NEW EPISODES OF SPOOKS!!!


  1. Yes, sadly I think our workplaces have become all too 'controlled'. Those on high seek to have every last minute count, and in the process they have removed the joy and laughter- which doesn't help 'production' at all.

  2. Interesting, your comments about the workplace mirror my own impressions of my final years in paid employment.

    I love those 'spooks'.

  3. KN, a happy worker is a productive worker.

    Changing times Victor.

  4. You may well be right about The Bill. I had stopped watching it and yet, when I heard it was ending, I had to watch the last episodes and it was as if I had never left. I will miss it, but am thrilled to hear Spooks is back - so love Spooks. Also agree with you - a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

  5. Cheryl, Spooks is one of the very few shows that I must leave the internet and sit down in front of the tv and watch.

  6. I got a bit misty eyed watching the finale. I will mourn it quietly but a happy Spooks is back. Then again Saturday night tv will be untenable for me from here on in :(

  7. Because you will have to work Fen?


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