Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bunurong not Bunnerong

Somebody in the highrise miscalculated as to how long it would take to travel to Bunurong Memorial Park for the service for Sis in Law's mother. Let us just say, although I calculated and added a margin, someone thought even more time was needed. Hence, we arrived with plenty of spare time, so we investigated one of the two lakes at the Park.

It was only two year's ago when Sis in Law's father died that I had my first visit to the Park, and then again when Step Father died. I was prepared to be condescending about a cemetery in Dandenong. I would have been wrong. Bunerong Memorial Park is lovely and very peaceful. It must have been around for longer than I thought, as there are many graves and plaques there already and there is plenty of room for expansion. I only had my phone to take photos.

Something is being built. Is it for Greek heritage people? Reminds me of the nuclear bomb memorial domed skeleton building in Hiroshima.

One of the lakes. Some of the rocks have plaques set into them.

Dolphins or porpoises (porpi?)

The lake from the opposite side to the earlier photo.

A frog was among the many smaller water feature sculptures.

After the service helium balloons were individually released en-mass. I had never seen this done before at a funeral and it was a very nice and light hearted conclusion. I was a bit slow getting the phone out to take the snap, hence they got a away a bit.


  1. What a beautiful cemetery.
    Balloons being released is a lovely way to, symbolically, release the soul and say au revoir.

  2. It was my first experience of it Jayne and it was lovely.