Friday, October 15, 2010

Being manipulated aint always bad

Say there is a bit of bribery at the local council and an inducement has been offered by a sporting club to get a playing field into the park. Council knows there will be protests over the loss of some trees and alienation of park users. The council announces it is going to remove all trees from the park to allow for many sporting fields. Locals and park users are outraged and strongly protest. Eventually council buckles and says only three trees will be removed and one sporting field allowed. Local and park users are relieved to only be losing a few trees. Presto, council gets its bribes and sporting club gets its oval.

While there is no connection and just for the want of a name, I think of it as the Madden Method. Such is the manipulative way we are dealt with by our betters these days.

Chile may not be a first world country and I don't want to spoil the marvellous rescue of the trapped miners but I am sure they painted a worse case scenario for the rescue of the miners deliberately.

To quote,

We should have them out by christmas.

Seems somewhat less.

We should have them out in three months.

Seems somewhat less.

We should be able to lift them in 48 hours, first to last.

Seems somewhat less.

Politicians will always be political and manipulate.

But truly, what a joyous occasion. I was listening to the radio as the first trapped miner was being lifted out and I immediately turned on the tv to watch. My eyes filled with tears in gladness, in spite of much worse happening around the world as I type.

Now the questions about mine safety in Chile must be asked. I hope China and its ilk have been watching.


  1. 'The Madden Method' is a classic, Andrew. Exactly what that type of slight-of-hand should be called in future textbooks for aspiring pollies.

  2. That's the creed of the public service: under-promise and over-deliver. It looks better that way.

  3. I guess with the Chilean miners it was better to give the worst case scenarios than have everyone piss and moan when things were taking longer than expected.

  4. I would love to say more LiD, but I have just enough to lose a lot should I get sued.

    Well worn tactic I suppose Me.

    Yes Fen. I understand why they did it and it was not a bad thing.

  5. Anonymous7:47 pm

    I also happened to see the first miner lifted out of the hole - it was very exciting and yes, my eyes got a bit misty...V.

  6. You're right paint the absolute worst case and deliver something better that you know can be achieved and you'll always end up with less flack.

  7. Nice moment hey V.

    Loz, I should apply it to personal matters.

  8. Take a lot, give a little, its' what your mother used to do - what you teacher used to do. It's what Madden does. By appearing to give 'something' the takers/givers don't appear to be such bad people.

    Now for the mining, the Xmas deadline was because 1 of the 3 drills being used would have taken that long, the other 2 drills were possibilitied, but not certaintities. In the end it was either B or C drill that actually made the cut (AU technology) and thus the deadline was by far shorterned. Otherwise the deadline would have remained at Xmas if ONLY Drill A was being used.

    Hope that sheds some light on the matter

  9. It does Heather. Wonder what would have happened if the eyes of the world weren't on the mine.