Thursday, September 23, 2010

We No Speak Americano

I first heard this track in the background somewhere. Hmm, sounds a bit Indian. The next time I heard it I was clear that it was Italian. I am rarely listen to music and I am certainly behind the eight ball given how long it has been in the charts. Perhaps it is my Italian genes, but I really like it. I'll bet there are some good mixes of it that will get all the giovane in Rome onto the discotheque floor.

Oh, it is not in the Australian Top 20 singles. I think I found the original clip for the music but embedding is not allowed. You can make do with this one.


  1. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Cool song - brings out the dancer in me! V.

  2. Ooooooooooo, I do like very much!

  3. Check this one out: same music different approach.

    Let's swing!!!

  4. I can't listen to the video (it won't load) - Junior exceeding the download limit and we've been "capped" until the end of the month, but I like the title. Out here, we no speak American, we speak Orstrayan!
    Thank you for visiting and your kind comments, they are alwasy appreciated.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  5. Catchy isn't it V.

    Bopping a bit were you Jayne?

    Aw, Peter, it has been removed.

    BFG, I know all about being capped. Not nice. Your blog is good. I have been reading it for some time.