Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I so love the sound of warbling magpies but I have been surprised to hear them as I woke the last few days. If I can hear them from my bedroom, they must have been very close by. But why? What were they doing?

Then yesterday I saw one on the roof of the building next door. It had a long strip of paper in its beak, clearly nesting material. It walked over to the corner of the roof and placed the paper in a very inappropriate place for nest building, right where the window cleaning vehicle track makes a ninety degree turn. This is not a place for a nest.

Today a pair of them appeared on the roof.

The nest builder appeared to me to be a young female, still without fully white feathers. I really hope she is only getting a feel for nest building, rather than the real thing. Wouldn't it be too late to start a nest anyway? I am making an assumption that it is the females that build the nest. Perhaps males do, and if so, was he was showing his young wife his homemaking skills?


  1. aw I love magpies. Their song is so lovely to listen to. My Nan feeds a family of them and the mother will walk into the house if you leave the door open!!

  2. You might find it will be their second nesting for this season, Andrew, as in the past several years across the globe 2 nestings in (the extended) Spring is becoming the norm.
    Love their warbling carol in the morning, it's a proper wake up call :)

  3. I like them too Fen. But I have never been swooped by one.

    Global warming is it Jayne? While we may be screwed, magies are getting more screwing.

  4. Maggpies are my favourites of all - the family around here (always 3) is really friendly and hardly even move when I come near them

  5. A pair plus one child who won't leave home MC?