Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten Days

It is ten days since my surgery. I had absolutely no idea it would take so long to recover. Each day sees an improvement but gosh it is slow. I am pretty fed up. I haven't used pain killers since leaving hospital and I suspect that might have been a mistake. Pain killers can cause constipation, but operations certainly do. I related primary cause to secondary cause and stopped taking painkillers.

Today I went shopping with R but I was a hindrance rather that a a help. I shuffled along like an old man. People are kind to frail old people. They are not so kind to people who look ok but struggling. I suppose it was good to get out. We had breakfast at Tran Bakery as our usual place in Prahran Central is closed for renovations. A workmate came into the bakery and asked if I was on holidays. I only told people at work who had to know, the reason for my extended absence. Kind of holidays was my reply. He was happy with this, thank god.

This afternoon R put the ironing board up for me and I ironed my clothes that needed a press.

This evening to celebrate our dyke friend's birthday we went to the Elsternwick Bowling Club for dinner. What a little gem that is. Great food for the price. Our group to go out for a big dinner now seems to be twelve, and we were well catered for on a round table. We usually leave such dinners earlyish, but all gravitated to the bar overlooking the bowling lawns and started watching the football match. It was so one sided, who cared, but we stayed on. I was really struggling. Everything was annoying me. Everything everyone said was annoying me. Personal habits were annoying me. I was getting paranoid about what anyone said to me. I was hurting and I wanted to be home.

I keep reminding myself that people go through worse, such as Fen, and I can't imagine what it must have been like for tonight's birthday girl who had a heart transplant at the age of about 42.

But I don't care. It is all about me.


  1. Anonymous3:13 am

    Nurse-ey hugs and kisses to you Andrew... okay... some quick advise.. take some pain killers, preferably panadol six hourly... and only if you need it, like before going our somewhere (yes even shopping) take something a bit stronger.
    For the bowels, the best thing ever is 1/4 cup of Golden Circle Pear juice.. the one in the tin. Better warmed up a little. Works a gem and tastes better than prune juice. Eventualy you won't need anything for pain killing properties...
    Anyway.. I hope you rest well and read some good books :)
    Hugs Cazzie!!!

  2. Cazzie beat me to it - I was going to suggest washing down the pain relief with a big glass of fruit juice ... or curry.

    As for "I suppose there are people worse off" - I hate that one!
    Just because somebody somewhere is a Complete Mess, should not demean you condition.
    If that saying was valid, it would mean that at any given moment, only one person, the worst sufferer, was due any sympathy.
    stomach is precious, so take care recuperating.

    2. Has anybody else ever noticed that Cold Remedy pills completely bomb you out? No of course not, because they cost $14 and we only take them when we feel crap with flu, but take them when you are well and go ga-ga, really.

  3. Doctors lie--they always act like the surgery is the thing (which it IS for THEM!), but for the patient, it is the God-damned recovery! Surgery is easy, they knock you out and you wake up in bliss, but during the recovery phase, you have to suffer weeks or months of pain, disability, and the anguish of physical therapy, the success of which is measured in miniscule increments. But if you have to have any physical therapy, please don't give up on it despite its tediousness. It will make the difference between complete recovery and a lifetime of disability and you're the one who has to make the effort to assure that full recovery, if it is possible, which it probably is IF you stick with it.

    I very much feel for you (I'm undergoing some recovery currently, so I know) and YES, it IS all about YOU! That's really the right attitude! Then, once you are feeling right again, you can start to pay attention to other people. But right now, you're the one who has the needs.

  4. Yep.... it is all about you- and you just take time to rest and get better properly. I know it was all about me when I broke my arm- your turn now!!

  5. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  6. Thanks Cazzie. I always meant to take pain killers if the pain became too bad, but it is not bad, just constantly there. No bowel problems, probably because I am not taking pain killers. I was worried earlier, but it was a result of the surgery. I think tomorrow I may open my first book.

    Em Stacks, your logic is fully followed through to its conclusion. Suffering is suffering. Will the expensive cold and flu caps help me get housework done more quickly when I am well? I'll will just 'speed' through it?

    Yes PBS, I do follow what is told to me pretty closely. No therapy, but I cannot lift a weight, keep the stomach support on and keep the dvt stockings on.

    KN, I am not good at doing nothing, not that I am, but I like to be more active. Sounds like your arm is pretty good now. Remember how dead it was when the plaster came off.

    Cheers Dina. Are you home yet?

  7. You crazy cat, take some damn pain tablets. Panadol aren't gonna make you constipated, it's the opiates that do that. And yes, I was and now I'm not thanks to some nice senna tablets - coloxyl. My Italian Nanna says that they used to eat senna seeds in Italy to prevent constipation.

    My recovery is going okay, been feeling ultra tired and revolting in the mornings, not sure why. I'd not say what I went through was any worse than you, it's all through abdomen muscle which is painful.

  8. I am taking Panadol tonight Fen, after the staple removal. The pain was nearly always dull and not sharp, but I think you are right, I should have used chems more.

    Seems you have have related problems. Get 'em sorted quickly.


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