Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Kezza

Red Kezza makes me think of two people, but I am referring to the ABC 7.30 Report presenter. He is retiring after umpteen years. My mind tells me he has not been in the picture quite as long as I have been viewing and listening to our ABC, but he has been there a long time.

I can't say I ever warmed to him. I respect his interviewing abilities, but he always seemed a bit too angry for my taste. He had early days on Lateline, a programme that was born from the Carlton Walsh Report, CarWash Report for short. Walsh was very learned and always on top of things. The late Carlton was smug and supercilious, but could pin a politician into a corner very well. It could be just a memory failing on my part, but I have never seen Kerry shine like these two much older presenters.

I don't mean to damn with feint praise, but Kerry was ok.


  1. I know he started on the 7.30 Report in 1995 coz I heard an interview with him last night on the way home.

    Did you get your scar checked out? Don't let it go too long if not.

  2. I did this morning Fen. Not infection, just collection of 'muck'. You are home then?

  3. Yeh I am home... again! Hopefully never to return to the hospital wards again!