Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Recovery

My advice to you is avoid having your stomach cut open at all costs. Of course though, you must follow medical advice.

The staples holding my stomach together, and thus preventing all the interior bits falling out, were removed on Monday. I did not look, but I understand some drainage was done too. That must have been the bulge that was leading me to think that the operation had failed. I am looking much flatter now and scabs have formed where the staples were removed. The internal muscle pain has pretty well gone and I can pick things up off the floor and even reach the bottom rack of the dishwasher even. Housework duties are slowly resuming, much to R's relief. Pain only comes on strongly if I cough. I try to avoid that. Laughing is ok now, but I haven't done much of that. Woe is the misery me.

Tuesday, the day after the staples were removed was a bad. I was very tender and sore and felt like I had gone backwards. I am still wearing the girdle and must do so for a good bit of time yet. The Masada Mister suggested I wear a singlet between my skin and girdle. So bloody obvious, why didn't I think of it. I hopped off the tram in Balaclava on the way home and bought a singlet as I didn't have any. A tee shirt would make me too hot.

Today has been much better. I actually got seriously out and about, back to Balaclava to buy another singlet, train to city, train to Dennis, train back, tram home. I still do an old man shuffle and I am always looking for lifts and escalators but it is not killing me to move around. It is actually easier to move slowly in public as no one ever gets in my way. I am the one with a bank up of people behind me who are trying to get past. Noted, although a diagonal crossing at the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Street is allowed, I was not quite fast enough and the Flinders Street traffic lights had gone green.

It is two weeks today since the operation and it is the first day I have really felt like I will be back to normal soon.


  1. No, it doesn't sound fun. : (

    I hope you continue to feel better.

  2. Thanks Dina. Rather lost track of where you are and what time it is for you, but I did enjoy your London posts, even thought I expected them to be like when you came to Australia.

  3. the corset wearing could continue well-beyond surgical need?

    my friend has one for her spine surgery. we all need a little back-support and if the tummy is flattened in the process, well and good I say.
    Welcome to the world of the frail, though you are just passing through, may it give you empathy for those of us trapped in it.

  4. Your Mister wouldn't happen to have a common Anglo-Saxon surname ending in -son and a father who played test cricket with Don Bradman by any chance?
    Glad to see you're on the improve :)

  5. I can assure you Ann, it will be off as soon as I am allowed. It is not comfortable. Yes, I do have a new appreciation for what old and frail people go through. I still have no patience with them fiddling in their purses forever when paying for things.

    Nope Jayne. Very Jewish name.

  6. Andrew, I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. It's excellent that you can get out and about so soon. I imagine you would be feeling a bit stir-crazy otherwise.

  7. I'm glad your recovery is going well Andrew x

  8. I've made the effort LiD, but I am not sure it is a good idea. Things seem to gone bad.

    Thought I was Fen. Not so sure now.

  9. A bit of a worry thinking your gizzards might tumble out - glad they didn't

  10. Oh, do take care. Hope you are feeling better since your comment here. - LiD

  11. Marginally LiD. Slow process. Thanks.


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