Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ranting against Ratzinger

I was quite pleased to hear that pope Ratzinger may not receive a great reception in the Britain. There must have been a good reason why no pope has been to Britain since 1982. As he arrived in Scotland, the news was not great. He seemed to be receiving general approval. Even Betty Battenburg had him to tea at Balmoral. Might this be keeping your enemies closer?

I was depressed. I wanted to see anti papal visit folk marching on the streets. Why didn't they import some Northern Irish proddys? They'd get things going.

I do so admire the British for the sense of history. No one does it better than they do. No one cares more than they do. No one participates more than they do. Is it with the current generation? I really hope so. I see signs of it.

Whether it is history, social comment, anti religion, anti pope and his world wide despicable henchmen, anti homophobia, anti child abuse, anti many things, London came to the fore with a huge protest against the pope's visit.

For some photos of the protest with a twist and a gay slant, that include a lad with far too much attitude for his age, take a look at the Beauty Hunter.


  1. aah good old London and her people. They're always up for a protest or a march or a parade!

  2. Fen, sometimes Whitehall seems to more often closed than open.