Friday, September 17, 2010


Ok, it all makes sense now. I could not understand why QR ads have appeared on our local tram stop shelters? What has QR got to do with Victorians?

QR stands for Queensland Rail, Queensland being a place that really did not like our Melburnian Julia Gillard for Prime Minister of Australia.

Speaking of Qld, I did not know that the crazy Bob Katter was a Minister in the old Bjelke-Petersen state government of Queensland. For his crazy statement that gay marriage is not an issue in his electorate as there are no gays there, I can forgive. But being a member of such a corrupt government such as Bjelkie Petersen's, I cannot.

I have just noted from tv that QR is being privatised and there is an opportunity for us to buy shares in the company, so that is why we are seeing publicity for QR here interstate.

Let us delve a little further. Right, it has just been chopped in two with one part operating passenger services and the other freight. Only the freight operation is being privatised and it will become QR National.

Ah, they are sensibly hiving off the non profitable section and keeping the one that provides good revenue. Well, no. It is the opposite. Queensland freight trains carry all that wonderful coal to the ports for shipping around the world. This has got to be profitable. Why is the government of Queensland depriving its citizens of the revenue from the profitable freight section and taking on the probably heavily subsidised passenger section?

Worse, why is a Labor government doing this?


  1. Fools!
    Dear freakin' Lordy, they need someone who is used to operating on a shoestring budget (someone from the real world) to sort out their mess and who thinks longterm not just here and now with the bright shiny bling distracting them.
    Bloody tools...

  2. 'why is a Labor Government doing this?'

    Sorry, is that a question?



  3. Anonymous12:07 am

    good point Pants - why should we be surprised anymore, any difference between B1 and B2 is long gone...
    Bob Katter - nice bloke, works for his constituents, does what hes paid for. Maybe weird attitudes, but upfront about them. And thats a nice change - at least he speaks English rather than Spin.

  4. Jayne, their financial spin just does not work for me anymore, and many others I suspect.

    Pants, it just so goes against the grain of what I believe in.

    Michael, sometimes I think Katter is deliberately provocative in his statements and I am sure he works hard for his electorate but he is tainted by the QLD Nationals from when they ruled the state.


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