Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Olympics/Commonwealth Games/World Cup

There is always a media fuss before these major events where things have to be built. Predictions come early that nothing will be ready, yet it always is. Even Athens managed it, and who seriously thought that things would not be ready in Beijing?

But with such a short time left, this time perhaps the forecasts will prove correct for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. A week or so ago an Indian involved VIP suggested that things might not be quite finished in a western manner, but things will be finished.

I will guess that some competitors will be lucky and use finished facilities and have finished accommodation, and some won't.

Western countries can barely afford these huge events. I don't believe that they generally make money for the city or country holding the events. How many non Games connected visitors will there be in New Delhi?

I'm sure the London Olympics will be successful, maybe the 'best Games ever', but after that......... Surely these mega events need some downscaling.


  1. You are correct Andrew about every major sporting event being preceded by gloom and doom messages concerning readiness, security and whatever.

    It has become tiresome hearing these messages but it does look like those warnings may be justified in New Delhi's case; which is a pity.

    Looking back it seems extraordinary now that Sydney, which had similar warning messages, conducted large scale test events in the majority of it's Olympic venues one year ahead of our games. Such readiness seems inconceivable now.

  2. Sydney was the first place I can recall the warnings, and I also recall the claims seemed absurd at the time. It just is not looking good for Delhi though.

  3. If i was an athlete (*snort*) I'd be worried. Not about terrorist threats, but about the state of the accommodation. Apparently it's putrid and just plain wrong. Bleh.

  4. World competing athletes in PEAK physical condition, seem to be big sooky wusses.
    It's a CAMP not a frkn RESORT.

    I loved that New Zealand simply flew in their own clean-up team, and love it that the athletes from Scotland just cleaned up their allotted area THEMSELVES ... being in peak physical condition an'all.
    May they win GOLD - Scots wha hae!!

  5. So Fen, you are not a camping out doors type and don't like filth. Does anyone? Apparently some don't mind, but not me.

    Ann, I think there has to be standards for accommodation. Basic but clean and neat is surely not unreasonable. Err, rather fond of Scots myself. I know what is under their kilts.

  6. Anonymous4:14 pm

    I think all these games be it Olympic or Commonwealth is a complete waste of money for the Country putting them on. India should be spending the money wher it is needed and not on two weeks of sports.

    Look at Sydney - down the gurgler since 2000.

  7. While I agree that there is little return for the hosting cities, I can't say Sydney is down the gurgler. It is a beautiful and still functioning city.