Monday, September 20, 2010

Nice Shirt

'That's a nice shirt Andrew', so said R, 'it looks good'.

It is an old shirt, but an expensive one bought at Moorabbin DFO when the shirt was heavily discounted, so it was already out of fashion.

R had not seen the shirt for a good while for good reasons. I am pretty honest when R asks if his bum looks too big in a certain garment. I have never had an artistic eye, but it is getting better and I do seem to be able to judge what works clothing wise or what doesn't. If I really don't like what he is wearing, I will tell him so.

I think he does the same for me, so I am a bit puzzled about the event a few months ago when I asked him to choose which shirt out of two I should wear for the night out. He suggested one and said that he has never really been keen on the other shirt and it did not work well for me. Given I had been wearing it for a couple of years, now he tells me. I took on board what he said and I have not worn it since.

That is until my supply of unironed long sleeve shirts was depleted, and I put it on a couple of days ago for just wearing around home.

Refer first sentence. Men! Who'd have them.


  1. Ha ha he's had a change of heart! Or taste.

  2. R getting a bit shirty is he?

  3. "Men! Who'd have them."

    Highriser's most rhetorical question - EVER!

  4. way back in March on The Kid post -

    Lord Sedgwick "Boys don't wear dresses."
    Speak for yourself, Shirl.
    I'd never step outside without my Zandra Rhodeskill hockey tunic with the flyaway panel.

    Andrew said..
    How about working out something about Terry The Tranny?.

    Bwca the Brownie said:
    There once was a tranny named Terry
    who rode on the big Manly ferry.
    The breeze made a mess
    of his pink chiffon dress
    and the seagulls all shat in his

  5. Fen, he is getting old and senile.

    Frequently shirty LS. See above.

    Lol Ann, I had forgotten that. Love your work.

  6. Thank you Hot Andrew, here's more:
    Not a one-hit-wonder, do visit Will Type For Food's
    with the cute Beatrice on his W.C.Fields -

    Beatrice sits on the pan,
    knowing a LAN from a WAN.

    Refusing to pander,
    or leave any dander,
    she merely applies her elan.

    (now I see Pants has a new Swan post and photo, see ya there)

  7. Loved Tim T's response to your rhyme.

  8. Will Type For Food is a wonderful blog and Tim's comments roundabout are even better. I have met him at grogblogs with other typically lovely Melbourne bloggers.

    Pants's swans post was wonderful too.

    Can anybody tell me why photo upload has gone feral on me?

    Hope you are improving faster now.