Monday, September 13, 2010

Ham Steak and Pineapple

A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion on the radio about food from the seventies. Among mentions of food we have moved on from was fondue and prawn cocktails but then ham steak and pineapple was lumped in with the former two.

I am outraged. I have never moved on from ham steak and pineapple. It is a fine meal and I bet Betty Battenburg would happily consume it. In one meal you can get your daily allowance of fat and salt. How good is that?

Of course properly served it should have red glace cherries sitting in the pineapple holes so not only are you eating the fruit of the pineapple, you are eating cherries as well. All good.


  1. Oh.
    Another food group to introduce to the feral kid.
    I have been slack in his education....

  2. Reminds me of the time I took my folks out to a suburban restaurant in Canberra...the menu was terribly dated (and so was the decor).

  3. Ouch! That was my teeth going straight to my hand, now I'm drooling and me, a vegetarian.

  4. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Fondue is still popular in Japan! And yes, I've enjoyed it here several times. V.

  5. Garlic prawns (of the sizzling variety) is a 70s dish that seems to have disappeared; at least in my dining out experience.

  6. Jayne, I am not sure it is suitable for his diet, but I am sure he will enjoy it.

    AR, Canberra mid eighties, only one place to dine open. I can't recall the food but the drunk owner was a lovely woman.

    Childhood memories Jahteh?

    I have never actually had fondue V. Next time we see you...

    Victor, still widely available in Asian restaurants. Not my favourite.

  7. That looks delicious, Andrew. Ham and pineapple just works, as a flavour combo. Makes me crave a ham and pineapple pizza, stat.

  8. oh wow i haven't had one of these for years, and now I want one!!!

  9. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Back in the days when I was a carnivore, I loved chicken, cheese and pineapple toasted sandwiches - yum!

    Cheese and white wine fondue is good, as is chocolate fondue! V.

  10. Interesting, I never thought of garlic prawns as an Asian dish.

  11. LiD, yet I am not keen on ham and pineapple pizza.

    Got to build your strength up Fen. Buy one today.

    Chicken, cheese and pineapple, oh dear. I didn't realise you liked chocolate V!

    It is the only place I have seen it served Victor. Clearly I have missed something.

  12. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Yeah, I know I hide my chocolate obsession so well!! V.


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