Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cuoriouser and Couriouser

Photo from The Age.

We have rivers flooding in the centre and north of our state. This is a very natural occurrence and the natural environment depends on floods. It has been a long time since we have had these floods, so although some people's houses get flooded, some stock die and there is inconvenience, floods like these are to be expected and should be allowed for when deciding where houses are built etc.

The new and very controversial North South Pipeline brings water for Melbourne's use from the Golburn River on the northern side of Victoria's Great Dividing Range, the Golburn River being one of the rivers now in flood.

I am paraphrasing:

"Due to the Golburn River flooding, we are shutting down the North South Pipeline".

I was still in hospital when I read this and I thought it was perhaps my environment or situation that caused me to puzzle over this, the statement not really making sense. Surely if the river was flooding, extracting water from it and reducing its level would be a sensible thing to do. Mind you, maybe the amount extracted would make no difference really, but still, I thought it was odd.

The explanation came later. An equivalent amount of water that runs down the North South Pipeline must be released from the Hume Weir water reservoir, so water for the NSP was being released into the already flooded Golburn River for the NSP to deliver water to Melbourne that was no longer required. Thankfully sense has prevailed and the NSP has been shut down and the water release from the Hume Weir stopped.

What a lot of bureaucratic nonsense, no doubt brought about to soothe the NSP protesters. You can see how it arose. The government promised that only specifically the amount of released water from the Hume Weir for Melbourne could flow down the NSP.


  1. I believe our Minister for being Lost on Mountains is somewhat Lost in Translation when he stated it would be silly to shut off the NSP permanently as 'these rains are only temporary'.
    Just as cutting water restrictions in the face of these temporary rains is silly, hmmm?

  2. Government logic? Annoying that now they want us to use more water because we are all too good at bloody saving it, and they have pipelines and desal plant to pay for etc. Insanity rules.

  3. Even without a drought Jayne, more people equals more water needed.

    Whole business is appalling LiD, especially when I see the state of our parks and trees.


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