Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crossing the So Cross Bridge

Yesterday, one week after my slicing and dicing, I managed to walk across the road and sit down at my cafe and have a cup of coffee. Take from this that these photos were taken before my slicing and dicing.

I still struggle to automatically use the name Southern Cross Station, Spencer Street Station usually coming to the fore.

Bicycle parking is forbidden. Yet maybe ten metres further into the station are bicycles chained to parking stands. Perhaps they are for staff to get around quickly....I think not.

Some of the station's roof pillows have been replaced after many being badly damaged by hail earlier this year. The new ones have release valves rather than collapsing under the weight of hailstones and rain.

Oh look, a set of shiny new train tracks! They are for the Regional Rail Link, a project to allow northern and western country trains to arrive in town without getting tangled up along the way with suburban trains.

And a train testing out the shiny new track.

The train popped out the other side of the connecting bridge. Right ho. I guess the new platforms 15 and 16 will be to the left of the train, so I don't know what the other track will be used for. I am confused. Driver, your train is running late, bypass So Cross Station using the western most track.


  1. Good grief!
    Progress on infrastructure!
    I think I need to lie down....

  2. Funny how I used the station every day and manage to miss a lot of the detail you spotted, such as the valves on the new roof pillows.

  3. Oh yeah, I am with Jayne lol

  4. *pouts* I still want pics of your slices and dices. Congrats on getting out, it's a good feeling huh?! I'm of the opinion that you have to be a little active to keep the scar supple, I'm trying to go for a wander each day.

  5. Too little too late Jayne.

    I assume they are some sort of valve AR.

    Yep Cazzie.

    Your logic works for me Fen.

  6. Those tracks aren't so new actually. There has always been an extra set of tracks to allow empty suburban trains travelling between the sidings at North Melbourne and Flinders Street, as well as goods trains to pass through without getting in the way of trains using the station.

    Memory is a bit hazy but I recall they shifted these tracks over some time during construction of the new station to make way for the extra platforms. That is why the track looks new (about 5 years old now).

    You'll notice the roof over the new platforms lacks the waves and bubbles of the rest of the roof. In the original plans they intended to build an office building here, but that hasn't gone ahead yet.

  7. Ben, It will be interesting to see it all complete. I wonder what all the activity next to the tracks is about then? Brand new station inadequate makes for a nice headline.


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