Thursday, September 23, 2010

Commonwealth Games Mascot

Ohhhh, I thought Tony the Tiger who used to advertise the Kellogg's breakfast cereal Sugar Frosties was back.


  1. the juxtaposition in that photo is great. the photographer deserves a Credit.
    The poor tiger is nearly extinct and one would think our Raj friends would be aware we get constant news of the dreadful activities ... OK murders ... of The TAMIL tigers. doh.

    I can however, commend to everybody, the tiger 'show' at Dreamworld in QLD. I was surprised I loved it. Couldn't drag myself away from them. All asleep at the end, heads on the laps of their Keepers, 4 paws in the air just like Tiddles in the lounge. ppurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Comm Games?
    No idea, think I'm washing my bath mat that fortnight.

  3. Ann, the photo was published in the Guardian. I should have given credit. The prospect of a successful Games seem to get worse every day.

    Yep Jayne. My sock drawer is such a mess. I must tidy it.

  4. just read the New York Times report on Indian v Western standards of 'clean'.

    The construction workers seem to have been using the rooms as they worked around them. These would be people who have no toilet in their own homes. How clean would WE be without taps and toilets?

    I was struck by this para on their crusading toilet guy:
    "The irony of the cleanliness controversy is that the bathrooms in the athletes’ village represent the sort of luxury most Indians never experience. The walls are made with marble, and the sinks and toilets appear equipped with expensive fixtures. For much of India, the lack of access to a toilet and the absence of adequate sanitation are widespread problems blamed for the spread of disease as well as the contamination of the country’s rivers and other water sources.

    Bindeshwar Pathak
    , founder of the Sulabh International Social Service Organization, has spent 40 years promoting the need to expand sanitation in India. His group has placed more than 1.2 million household toilets around the country and operates a toilet museum in New Delhi to promote awareness about sanitation."

    bless him

  5. Ann, I can only, and I don't want to, imagine how they use the bathrooms. But they should easily work out something so shiny should be kept clean.

  6. The Guardian shows us why it is the last paper of quality anywhere, with this succinct summary (The Age reprint)of the Indian debacle. worth the clickthrough.

  7. Much as we know hey Ann.