Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The White Magnolia Tree

As winter progresses I know the absolute worst of winter has passed, in theory, once I see Japonica Camellias blooming. But nothing heralds the season of spring to me more than noticing the first magnolias. Except here in the apartment, everywhere we have lived if there wasn't one there already, we planted a magnolia.

In Richmond I came across this fine Magnolia Soulangeana, then later in the day, one I perhaps have posted a photo of before, a white Magnolia Denudata in South Yarra. Its scent is exquisite. As developers get their hands on large blocks with individual houses and build a forty story tower right up to the fence lines, trees such as Magnolias are disappearing from our suburbs.

Will we have to travel to the Deep South of the United States in the future to see splendidly large magnolias? I hope not.

PS, I was going to post a You Tube clip of a song about a magnolia tree. After ages of fruitless searching, I established that there was a poem called The White Magnolia Tree, but it was nothing to do with the tear jerker song, which also took time to find, Honey, by Bobby Goldsboro.


  1. Was singing along to that song that was playing on the radio in an op shop the other day.
    Yes, the locals now know me as "that weird chick that sings badly".

  2. We have had some beautiful magnolias this year- and some magnificent trees almost seem to be nearing the end of their flowering. I was at our Esplanade with family on Saturday, and the magnolia trees there looked wonderful.

  3. I adore the blossoms and the magnolias, they bring such joy.

  4. Don't watch it on You Tube Jayne. The clip is hideous.

    Sadly KN, only grown here as single specimens. An avenue of them would be wonderful, let alone just more than one in the same place.

    It is a good time of the year for tree blossoms Fen.

  5. My two mulberry trees are covered in unripe fruit, the birds are mating ...everywhere...its a bit much at times...imagine having to balance on a twig with a cranky female who's trying to toss you off...ah well. its spring so soon...

  6. MC, always thought of Mulberries to be more cold climate. Birds here too seem to be getting active.