Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stroll to the poll Pt 2

Arrg. No The Bill tonight. Damn you politicians. As I said, no sausage sizzle, but then Tony missed out too.

Never mind, we were right next door to Observatory and I knew they had food. It was very nice food and very friendly and efficient staff. And so it should be at $24.50 for one serve of chicken and mayo sandwiches, one serve of chips and two cups of coffee. I would have enjoyed a $2.50 snag with onions and sauce and a cup of Pablo Caterers Blend instant coffee as much.

The forecourt of the Observatory Cafe.

I think once you reach a certain age, it may be the time to loose your dreads. I would suggest that when they are grey, you have reached that point. Still, it made what might probably be a nondescript person him interesting.

Dunno what this building is.

I did not actually establish where precisely the Observatory is.

It looked like a lot of weeds with cape weed dominating, but I suspect it is a green manure crop and the bed will be ready for spring planting of annuals. The edging lavender is ready to burst forth for spring.

We passed the side of the Shrine as started to walk down the hill. The Great War indeed. Not so great for some, in fact many many.

The top of the highrise can be seen to your left of the buildings.

The Sir Macpherson Robertson Fountain. How I love it. It was switched off and barricaded during the worst of the water restrictions hysteria, and subsequently switched back on for four hours a day. Its operating hours have now been extended.

As I am about to click publish, R is watching Heartbeat on 72 with a small picture of ABC's election coverage in the bottom of the screen. He switches over the election coverage when the ads come on and switches back when they end. Well he was, but increasingly he is watching the election coverage even while Heartbeat is on. At 7.30 I was very worried. At 8.30, I am not quite so concerned. I will write the post I planned for the morning at another time.......I think.


  1. Anonymous8:43 am

    We had no sausage sizzle - but bacon and egg rolls instead, with plenty of cakes and coffee. Must have gone upmarket at my polling booth. No queing either - straight in and out. Glad to see we ended up with a hung parliament and the Greens with balance of power. Was a good swift quick up the arse to both Labour & Liberal parties. Now to get rid of those faceless men.

  2. Hey, I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Bacon and egg roll. Nice. Sadly neither major party will see it as a swift quick, more like voter error.

  3. I didn't know Melbourne had an observatory. I'll keep it in mind for next time I visit.

  4. I think it is modest in size compared to Sydney, but for a time it housed the world's largest telescope, which I think went to Mt Stromlo? in Canberra and was burnt in the bushfires.


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