Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My baby catches the Mornington train.

Hey, it fits with a slight stretch. Sing it! Go on. My baby catches the Mornington train. Haha, that is going to be running around your head all day. However, you can't catch a train to Mornington on the Mornington Peninsula, the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay. It used to have train to connect it to Melbourne metropolis but the trains were stopped in 1981. Bad idea, but not as bad as selling off much of the land where the railway station and track was to developers.

Fortunately some folk got together and started the Mornington Railway Preservation Society. I must go for a ride one day. The Society runs steam (or diesel) trains on most Sundays from a purpose built railway station just out of the main township of Mornington to Moorooduc. Much work has been put into organisation by locals and volunteers. Isn't it always the case with such organisations?

Early last year we visited Mornington and used the shopping centre that sits on the site of the old railway station. Now I know why my memory of Mornington was not gelling. The station I recalled from a previous visit had gone. My memory of Mornington were based upon where things were in relation to the train station.

Is it possible that a normal suburban train could run to Mornington again? Not bloody likely, you are thinking, but wait.

I am obliged to Jayne for directing me to this information which appeared in an article in the Frankston Independent Newspaper in May.

At the moment, there is diesel rail car which runs a train service from the suburban terminus at Frankston to Stony Point. The Mornington train branched off this line at Baxter.

It is suggested in the article that the Stony Point line from Frankston to Baxter be electrified and a large stabling yard built at Baxter to replace yards at Mordialloc, Carrum And Frankston.

The builders of the Peninsula Link freeway have been told to build a large flyover where the freeway intersects with the disused railway line. The Railway Preservation Society has been told to raise the height of a footbridge at Moorooduc Station where its service presently terminates.

Can you believe this? Options are being kept open even if it is to replace what was already there.

Here is one of the railway society's beasts, ready to haul is load of excited travellers.


  1. Fingers crossed!

  2. Fingers crossed Jayne, but we will die if we hold our breath.